Renee's baby shower!

A dear friend of ours Renee is expecting! In only 8 weeks time! So in celebration some friends and I decided to throw her a baby shower. Party planning is a favourite of mine so we got stuck into it. We came up with the theme of the cow jumped over the moon. But there aren't a lot of cow theme party products so I had to do a lot of improvising. To start with a talented friend Alison Wenlock designed a cute invitation that included this gorgeous little cow and moon design she made that became the party mascot popping up everywhere!

It was great teamwork! I made the bunting by just buying some material from Spotlight and material glue; Tina made all the yummy food, Zoe made the cake, which was amazing! I made the little cake topper flags. Designer Ali made the cutest baby wishes cards. I made some labels for the milk bottles and we filled them with chocolate and strawberry milk (to fit in with the theme of course). For the cups I cut out the labels and stuck them on so people could write their name on theirs.

Tina made the bottle shaped cookies and mini cupcakes, which were delicious! I made the cupcake toppers by just printing out a template from online putting a border around it and sticking them to toothpicks. As a little take home treat I painted some mini take-away containers in cow pattern and people could fill it up with lollies. The cake pops were made by Renee, Ali and I, they were a mission to make and took a lot of trials, burnt chocolate etc but turned out fab in the end!

The make shift photo booth was loads of fun! I just bought props from cheap stores and printed out the moustaches, lips etc and stuck them to skewers. We hung up streamers for the backdrop.