Nick's British style Strawberries and Cream pancakes

Hi folks!

Sorry about the lack of posts, life has gotten away with me lately with so much going on. But to make up for it here is a sweet treat, perhaps just in time for a weekend breakfast?


This recipe is a direct quote from Nick, yep he's a typical just throw things in and see what happens kinda guy.

You'll need:

- Butter
- Self Raising flour
- 3 x Eggs
- Milk
- Fruit toppings

Add flour and eggs into mixing bowl.
Start to mix and add milk slowly while mixing.
Keep adding milk until you get a good thickness of mixture. Not too thick but not too runny.
Get the pan hot, then throw the butter in.
Add a small amount to a very hot pan, flip after 2 mins.
Add fruit, cream, maple syrup.