Mum's amazing apricot fruit pie...

Mum is world famous for her pies...they are always such a nice treat but still healthy as can be!

This one is no exception...

Here is the recipe:


150g flour
pinch of salt
75g softened butter
3-4 tbsp milk or water

Carefully rub ingredients until light and crumbly press together set aside and in a little while roll out and press into buttered baking dish.


A good sprinkle of grated nuts on top of pastry
Approx. 750g of fruit eg. apricots, lay them out evenly (halves) and some blueberries.
Mix in bowl
100ml milk or cream or even some mascarpone
2 eggs beaten
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

Pour over the top ond put in oven 25-30 min.

Hope you enjoy! It's delicious! 

Have a fabulous weekend all! We're off to enjoy the sun and go paddle boarding!

xo J xo