These are a few of my favourite (foodie) things...

There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there today, especially food blogs! But on occasion I stumble across a blog that gets me so inspired and I waste hours devouring every picture and every word. So I decided it's time I shared the love!

Here are a few food/photography blogs that I think are so jam packed with creativity, gorgeous pictures and inspiration that they deserve a spotlight shone on them...

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!



No 1.

MANGER: A new favourite of mine that I only just stumbled across but instantly fell in love with!! It makes me want to pack up my Sydney life and move to France!!




No 2.

V.K.REES PHOTOGRAPHY -  Not really sure how so much talent can be packed into one blog, but V.K Reevs has proved it can be done!!

V.K.Rees Photography logo

Tom Colicchio & Umber Ahmad for Mah-Ze-Dhar by V.K.Rees Photography

No 3.

WHAT KATIE ATE: Ok I am sure most of you may already know about this blog but I just had to give a mention to the blog that kicked all this off for me. It was love at first sight! So much creative talent this lady has it's slightly ridiculous!





No 4.

CALL ME CUPCAKE: Hands down the best baker/food photographer/all round creative genius in the world!! Be warned though, if you're on a no sugar diet of any kind I wouldn't look at these pictures or you may find yourself running to the nearest piece of cake...or whole cake for that matter!!

Call me cupcake!