5 Best Tactical Boots For Rucking, Ranger School, Police & EMS

5 Best Tactical Boots

One needs solid and durable shoes for strenuous physical activity. It’ll be weird going to the market enquiring about shoes that are durable. After all, every brand claims that its shoes are durable. You need to be specific and ask for tactical boots. These are the best shoes one uses for heavy-duty activities.

People often mistake tactical boots for combat boots. It isn’t surprising as you can use both in situations that are fairly similar. But, one significant difference between combat and tactical boots is the weight. Combat boots are usually heavier than tactical boots.

Getting tactical boots for men can be dicey, and we wouldn’t want you to get it wrong. This article focuses on things you should consider when buying men’s tactical boots. We’d also highlight the five best tactical boots for various activities.

Things to Consider When Buying Tactical Boots

Considering that tactical boots cost money, you should be mindful when buying them. It is also important that you buy your tactical boots from a trusted vendor. A reputable store will sell tactical boots that are direct from the manufacturer, hence you can be sure of the quality. The goal should be to buy something that’ll give you value for your money.

Some things to consider are:

  • Lightweight: Is it easy to move when you wear the shoe? Your tactical boots should allow you to do various activities. It should not make it difficult for you to lift your legs or make you feel tired when you wear it. Else, it ceases being tactical boots and becomes combat boots.
  • Reliable: Good tactical boots have to be long-lasting. No, we are not saying it should last forever. But, it should stay long and give value to your money. Spending money on a shoe that would spoil within months doesn’t make sense. Men’s tactical boots must be durable and reliable.
  • Protective: You can use your tactical boots for activities like hiking. You can also indulge in police training and ranging. So, it would be best if you had shoes that would protect your feet while carrying out these activities. It isn’t an excellent tactical boot if things can pierce through it. Your tactical boots act as a barrier and cage between your foot and the outside world.
  • Breathable: Have you ever had a case of smelly feet? If you have, we know that you wouldn’t want such a tag. If your tactical boots do not allow the free flow of air, you shouldn’t get it. Remember, if your tactical boots are not breathable, they could cause foot injury.
  • Slip-resistant: It helps to check the shoe’s sole when buying tactical boots. If you notice that it isn’t slip-resistant, it isn’t worth your money. The aim should be to have a shoe that protects you from falls. Imagine slipping while hiking or training. Such imagination is horrific, and you wouldn’t want to experience it. Thus, you should invest in good tactical boots for men.

Places Where You’d Need Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are not regular shoes that you’d wear every day. These are shoes that you can only use in certain places or for specific occasions.

​​If you buy men’s tactical boots, you can use them in the following:

  • Hiking trails: Your tactical boots would be helpful if you want to go for regular hikes or rucking. These boots would help you go through steep trails as they are slip-resistant. It also protects your feet as it wouldn’t allow anything to penetrate and injure you. Every outdoor lover should own a pair of tactical boots. 
  • Police school: People use tactical boots in a police training school. It is why some people also call these shoe police boots.

Due to the rigorous activities during training; you’d need durable and reliable shoes. It’s better to invest in tactical boots than to buy shoes monthly.

  • Ranger school: Ranger school is difficult. The activities people do at this school are rigorous and need sturdy shoes. It is why you’d need tactical boots at a ranging school.  Your tactical boots would help you move with ease at a ranging school.

Best Tactical Boots

In no particular order, let’s see the five best tactical shoes.

1.   Altama Coyote OTB Maritime Assault Low Boot

When some people think about tactical boots, their minds go to high boots. But, low boots also make excellent tactical boots choices.

For these tactical boots, it marks the check for:

  • Breathability: Some sides of these tactical boots for men are mesh material. It is a material that allows for free air passage.
  • Reliability: By looking at these tactical boots, you’d concur that it is reliable. It is from a strong material that makes it difficult for anything to penetrate.

2.   Rocky 2V Predator

The Rocky 2V Predator tactical boots are a favorite choice for high boots lovers. We love that it does the work of a tactical boot and gives you an extra bounce.

It marks the check for:

  • Slip-resistant: The soles of this shoe are from Vibram Soles. It is almost impossible for you to slip when wearing tactical shoes with Vibram Soles. They are overly sturdy.
  • Lightweight: If you’re looking for comfortable tactical shoes, these are the right choice. You wouldn’t feel like you’re wearing anything when you wear them.

3.   Thorogood Gen-Flex2 Jump Boot

We love that this shoe is stylish. It can counter those who think one cannot get stylish tactical shoes. Another favorite thing we love is that it is water-resistant. It marks the check for:

  • Protectiveness: We are yet to see what can pierce through these shoes! It is also high and covers some parts of the leg.
  • Slip-resistant: You have the assurance that you are well-cushioned when wearing these tactical boots. The soles help with your grip.

4.   Rocky 6″ Men’s Alpha Force

It makes another excellent choice of tactical boots for men. It isn’t surprising to see people call them police boots. They are common among law enforcement officers. It marks the check for:

  • Slip-resistant: The design of these tactical boots resists water, oil, etc.

It gives the wearer a good grip.

  • Comfort: Wearing these boots is comfortable due to its cushioned bed. It also helps to protect you against injuries.

5.   Salomon Men’s Black XA Forces

If you’re looking for something simple, these tactical boots are perfect!

It marks the check for:

  • Protective: Nothing can pierce through these tactical boots. Also, it is also made with a protective nail cap.
  • Lightweight: You would rarely remember that you’re wearing a shoe with these tactical boots. It makes movement easy.


If you’re going to be engaging in rigorous activities, you need tactical boots. But, it is also important that you do not get fake ones.

So, we’ve listed some of the best tactical boots. And we’ve also highlighted the factors to consider when buying tactical boots.

We hope this guide helps you choose the tactile shoe or boot that is perfect for you and we wish you get the best value for your money!