5 best tips to pack for an ideal winter vacation

best tips to pack

If there’s anything that can suck the fun out of a vacation, it’s packing. Worst still, winter in one place may not mean the same thing as in another. And since we all know weather forecasts simply cannot be trusted, deciding what to pack for an ideal winter vacation can be difficult. Or it was before we crafted this list for you. 

Below, we outline which items of clothing will work in most kinds of wintry destinations. Moreover, they’re the absolute essentials, so it’s not like you’ll be carrying anything you won’t need. 

So, let’s get packing:

Decide on the Accessories

You cannot take your HVAC system with you everywhere you go. But what you can do is arm yourself with the right accessories to keep you warm. A good hat, for instance, will keep you warm and work in multiple places, including sprints through airports or when you go on short walks in the morning cold. What makes a hat a good travel hat? It should cover your ears and back of the neck and have no wasted mass in the form of fluffballs or flaps.

Another thing to pack when traveling to cold climes are warm socks. Don’t get the run-of-the-mill acrylic ones because they won’t keep your toes toasty. Instead, buy socks made of soft, heat-regulating wool. Pack two pairs – only two! Then throw in a pair of waterproof socks for days when the snow melts into icy, miserable slush.

One or two scarves should also go into your suitcase, particularly if you’re traveling at the peak of winter. Since the parts of you that will get cold the quickest are the neck, head, hands, and feet, a scarf will raise your comfort level nicely.

For travelers going to somewhere seriously cold, two pairs of gloves are essential. Thin woolen ones will do for milder climates, while leather ones will keep you warm and look fabulous, just as the custom leather jackets do! 

All of your accessories may look small and light, but they can take up a lot of space. That’s why you will need luggage cubes. Contrary to the gimmicks they may look like, these mesh, zippered containers work like mini suitcases. Just start folding and rolling your clothes. Then fit them into your bag and maximize space. 

Some Useful Upper wear can do the trick

Start with a heavy jacket that can even be a cute trench coat that dresses up your warm layers. How heavy it needs to be would depend on where you’re headed. Remember that there isn’t a folding method for the fancy equipment. This will keep your winter upper wear from taking up more room in your suitcase than a t-shirt. So, save space during packing by well, not packing it in the first place. Use the layering method and wear your bulkier clothes instead!

Oversized, comfy sweaters are great for both layering and lounging. What’s more, they will go with just about anything. Choose both fun and neutral colored sweaters like burgundy and grey. Add another layer of defense by packing layers you can wear under the sweaters and jackets. Puffy vests and flannels can be worn by themselves too. 

If your sweaters must go in the luggage, then you can get away by packing with a few less folds. To do that, lay it flat. Then fold the arms behind the back of the sweater to form an “X” and fold it in two vertically. Now roll it as tightly as you can from top to bottom. To keep them from unraveling, use rubber bands.

Pack the right Footwear

Truly, we’d like nothing more than to help you avoid getting cold feet. But in this case, we are talking literally. Frozen toes are no fun and can cut days of exploration short as nothing else will. So, pack the right footwear by going with one pair of weatherproof boots. Look for the ones that look cute and are comfortable to wear. The first because, well, you don’t want to ruin your pictures. And the second, so you’ll be able to continue walking and exploring for longer hours. 

In addition, weatherproof boots are also water-resistant. That can come in handy when you go splashing on days when snow turns to slush. Heat-reflection is another good trait for travel boots to have, as is being extremely lightweight. When the latter’s true, you can even stuff them in your bag.

Boots with thin and flexible soles are amazing footwear that make you feel like you’re walking barefoot. However, if you aren’t used to this feeling, get into doing some calf strengthening exercises. 

Cozy thermals to rescue you

Harsh winter conditions can mean that temperatures will drop way below 0℃ where you are. In such situations, relying on a set of thermal underwear or long johns becomes necessary. Since thermals will trap your own body heat and use it to insulate you from the cold, they are great options. They will support your jacket/sweater in their endeavors when it comes to heat retention. The best thermals to pack are the woolen ones since they ensure you stay warm and snug even at sub-zero temperatures.

Bottom wear for comfortable commutes

Finally, no luggage is complete without comfy jeans. Choose two and swap when you don’t want to do laundry. They will also look good with most sweaters and jackets. If you’re going to a place like Lapland, you’ll be skiing too. 

In that case, pack two pairs of ski pants. The first pair should be warm and well-made snow pants. The other can be one with a bit less insulation that you’d wear during activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Still haven’t decided where to go? These ideas may help!

Parting thoughts

Now, this may be your first winter vacation, your tenth, or the first in a long time. Either way, our list will help all tropical guys and gals be prepared to meet the cold climate at their destination head on!