5 Early Signs you Need to Visit an ENT Specialist

ENT Specialist

An ENT specialist is a certified ear, throat, and neck doctor that specializes in treating diseases that cater to all of these problems. In simpler words, whenever you face an issue related to your ear, nose, and throat problem this is going to be your go-to doctor. So when do you really make time for an ENT specialist? Well, like every other doctor there are some clear signs and symptoms that it’s time to see an ENT doctor. Here are some alarming signs that will help you determine about making an appointment with your ENT specialist straight away.

1.      Loss of Hearing

This is a major problem and is the earliest sign of something underlying in your condition according to the ENT surgeon in Islamabad. If you are expecting any kind of hearing loss for more than two weeks, this is no good news for your ear. If you have experienced any earlier injury or you regularly listen to loud music, then temporary hearing loss can be expected. However if the problem persists then there are some solid chances that there has been permanent damage to your ear and you need to have it checked immediately.

2.       Sinus Pain

Sinuses take up a large portion of your face. It can become very inflamed and even sore when some inflammations are triggered in the sinus region. Usually sinus pain will last for a few days, but if it lasts over 3 months, then it means that there is chronic sinusitis underneath the problem and requires the attention of a specialist doctor. For chronic sinus the common symptoms are pain in your face, ear, upper jaw or teeth region and the nose area. In most cases you will feel full pressure and pain in that area. However you will only be able to get better treatment once your doctor figures out the right source of your sinus pain.

3.       The consistent ongoing Nasal Congestion

Now this condition can be pretty annoying whenever you wake up with a very blocked nose. Finding hard to breathe because your nasal passage feels all clogged up is a real thing that we would not want to experience. Some of these cases are often from birth where the nasal passage is narrow and requires surgery to construct it the right way. There also can be a number of other reasons why there is a persistence of nasal congestion that only a doctor can help you understand. By being able to visit a doctor you will be able to figure out how to have easy breathing and be able to receive a solution right away. Apart from the deviated septum, allergies or infections can also be the cause of constricted breathing.

4.       Painful Sore Throat

Sore throats are very common. They are often due to the result of something else such as a common cold, a side effect of wisdom tooth or some infection. Not many people prefer visiting a specialist when they experience this problem. However you should see one, when there is persistent pain in your throat that becomes so severe that you can hardly swallow water. This indicates that your swollen throat will not go on its own and something more serious may be the root cause such as GERB or tonsillitis.

5.       Ringing in the ears

This comes off as very subtle at the start of the disease development. If you experience a constant ringing in your ears then this is an early sign of tinnitus. This particular disease requires particular attention from a specialist which is why booking an appointment with an ENT is the first thing to cross your mind. In some scenarios, tinnitus is the first early symptom of hearing loss. It can also mean that there is some ear infection. In any case your ENT is the best person to sort this problem straight away.

If you like your hearing as I do, you have to be aware of these 5 things. You should visit an ENT or an ear hospital-like bilquis memorial hospital for regular ear checkups to make sure there is no underlying threat to your overall health. The quicker you react to a symptom the earlier you will be able to receive treatment and relief.