7 Cool Gifts For A Friend Who Lives A Fashionable Lifestyle

Cool Gifts

Fashion is an art and only a few know who to add it to lifestyle and make a statement. You surely have different types of people on your contact list. And if there’s a friend of yours who lives a fashionable lifestyle then you can indeed make him/her smile with cool gift items that we are about to mention. Friends are the blessing that we choose and develop a relationship till eternity. Lucky are those who have true friends in their life and if you have one such friend then you must adore your friendship with all your heart. You might make fun of your friend for his/her fashion love but you should also appreciate his dedication and the way he/she style.

You can make the move on any special day like birthday, promotion, engagement, clearing a competitive exam, and more. Or can you pick a random day just to light up your friend’s mood with your gifting gesture?

Always make sure that the item is gift wrapped perfectly. Get a little wish card and write some touching words and put it inside the gift wrap. 

Mud Stained Jeans

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has launched jeans designed with stains of grass a month ago and their bold move vibrated the fashion industry. And now, it has become a trend and many brands are launching jeans that look dirty through the designs. But the one who knows how to carry weird cloth can kill it with such jeans. So, you can think about surprising your friend with mud-stained jeans. 


You can easily find the best designs of overshirts at ZARA. As the name suggests, overshirts are a bit loose in size and are made to be worn over t-shirts. But it is not necessary and the person can carry it in any way he/she likes. This one makes for a cool gift to bring a wide smile to your fashion-loving friend’s face.


Whether it’s winter or summer, sunglasses are an essential part of fashion. So present cool and stylish sunglasses to your friend on his/her special day. If you need inspiration for the designs, you can check fashion-blogging websites and Instagram handles of fashion brands. You can easily buy budgeted sunglasses on e-commerce websites. 

Fashion Freak Greeting Card

It is not important to surprise your friend with an item that can help him/her enhance the fashion game. You can also pick something touchy and humorous like a greeting card. You might need to make some extra efforts to find a greeting card that has elements to tickle the heart of someone who loves living a fashionable lifestyle.

Designer Cake

Well! Well! Well! The cake is a gift which fits every occasion. And apart from satisfying the sweet hunger cravings, cakes today also make their way to the person’s heart through their eye-catchy designs. You can also tickle your friend’s heart with a gift of cake. But as your gift needs to be relatable to fashion in some way, get the cake decorated with edible miniatures of fashion accessories like sunglasses, shoes, wristwatches, and more. Such cakes are hard to carry and so you should use an online cake delivery service.

Shopping Vouchers

Do you think your friend needs more? For a person who is fashionholic; there couldn’t be an any better gift than some shopping vouchers. He/she can go and buy whatever they want as per their liking and fashion sense. You can handover both online shopping vouchers and store shopping vouchers. If you happen to know your friend’s favorite brand or favorite shopping house, then make sure to gift shopping vouchers that are valid there.

Cool Party LED Glasses

You can be the association with your friend by helping him/her always stay on top of the fashion game. On normal days, your fashion-freak friend surely looks different than others and catches the attention of everyone’s eyeballs. But he/she might find it difficult to stand apart from the rest on party days. For such moments; you can surprise your friend by presenting cool party LED glasses that keep changing colors.

Your friend is killing it with fashion; you can kill it with your choice of gift!