7 Popular Event Planning Careers to Choose From

Event planning may sound very simple, but it involves much more than what one may initially imagine it to be. Thus, when we talk about careers in event planning, you would be surprised to see that how broad the term event is. Event planners organize conferences, meetings, corporate events, exhibitions, weddings, trade shows and concerts, and much more. All this involves managing, planning, and coordinating. To be successful in this field you would be required to have an eye for detail planning and the skill of multitasking. In addition, you should be good at problem-solving in times of chaos. If you think you have these skills then you can choose from the following careers in the field of event planning to work in.

Event Planner

An event planner is required to handle small to large-scale events. This could include trade shows, conferences, and other gala events involving thousands of persons. In order to organize these events, you need to be a multitasker, because you have to organize everything, from food to décor to technology and manpower. Also, you will have to be good at problem-solving, because, in the event of unforeseen troubles, you would be the go-to person for everyone. Though it is a very intense and fast-paced job, it is very satisfying once a flawless event is pulled off. 

Wedding Planner

The wedding planning industry has become very big. Couples hire wedding planners to take the pressure off them and just enjoy the event. Wedding planners are very experienced in all areas related to weddings from where to order the cake to wedding dresses to sound systems and venues. They also arrange to get the marriage certificates to post the wedding event. They sit and plan everything with the couple based on their budget and expectation. After that, take over all the decision-making allowing the couple to enjoy their wedding stress-free.

Venue Managers

Venue managers are the authorities of their venues. They are experts in organizing an event in their space. Space can be a ballroom, a concert hall, or an arena. These professionals know exactly what the layout should be and what ambiance will be suitable for different events. They are very adept with all the logistics. They also perform the job of selling and marketing the space and bringing in new business and promoting events. Sometimes they lend a hand to the event planner to accomplish a perfect event.

Catering Manager

If you love food, then the career of a catering manager is just right for you. This job involves designing the perfect five-course dinner for a close gathering to arranging food for hundreds of persons. The job is very important because client and guest satisfaction is totally dependent on you. Catering managers do need formal training in food preparation and should have inherent skills in problem-solving and planning. 

In addition to the traditional careers in the field of event planning, some new opportunities are emerging in this field due to evolving technology. Below we discuss some of these exciting new careers:

Event Tech Expert

Event Tech Expert is the person who handles all the technology-related components of an event. This could be related to the audiovisual part or special effects or the event app. Many event planners find it difficult to handle the tech part of the event, as they are not tech-savvy and also have too much on their plate. Thus, they are happy to hire a tech expert right from the start to guide them in this area. 

Social Media Coordinator

The social media coordinator is becoming an important part of every big and small event company. Social media has a crucial role to play in keeping attendees informed, enthusiastic, and involved in the upcoming festivities or events. This role is going to grow tremendously in the coming years. Such a professional is required to have in-depth experience of various platforms, talent to engage the community, capability to learn fast, and should be able to respond quickly. 

Event Videographer

Video photography has become a very important part of events. Events want to bring to the notice of everyone what they can offer and the best medium to do so is through videography. In fact, videographers are finding very creative ways to show off their talent. So if you are passionate about videography, this career can be exciting and creatively rewarding.


There are many career possibilities in the event industry. You just need to understand your interest and passion and choose the path most suitable for you. Also, inculcate the right expertise in yourself. In addition, this is a very fluid industry, and learning and moving from one career to another is quite easily possible. 

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