7 Tips on Buying Right Toys for Your Baby

Toys for Your Baby

Do you remember your first toy? Well, this question must have filled you with all the beautiful memories of your childhood. This clearly states how toys play a crucial part in everyone’s childhood. Toys are the simple things that become the first best friend of your baby. You can sense the attachment between your baby and the toys. These toys help your child develop their cognitive skills, memory skills, and more which leads to healthy development. So, you need to be more vigilant about what you choose for your child to have an emotional connection or grow with. 

Guidelines to Choose the Right Toy:

Being a parent is a responsibility to provide your baby with the right toy with zero harm and with full exposure to grow. Here are some of the important safety points to keep in mind while choosing toys:

Look for soft & organic fabric:

Babies have a very tender touch and there is nothing better than a soft, squishy stuffed toy. As one of the studies has proved, babies also feel discomfort just like us and as a cure, these soft toys will create a sense of comfort and warmth towards them. These stuffed toys will help them to create a positive impact and familiarity as they start bonding with them. So, a furry toy is a perfect present for your baby to start their beautiful entry into the world. However, you need to make sure that these toys are suitable as babies tend to use their mouths often to scout new things. You can buy toys made of organic fabric which wouldn’t affect them.

Size & Colour matters:

Babies are fascinated by the bright colours as they respond quickly and makes them active. Size matters as they tend to keep every single item in their mouth. Smaller items may lead to dangerous situations. So, it is always better to opt for perfect size toys that are reliable and safe. These toys will help your baby start grasping different colors, sizes, and develop communication skills at a very early stage.

Avert Toxicity:

You need to be chary while shopping for toys because toxicity can put up next-level harm to your baby. Be aware of the toys which lurk on the shelves having a minimum of 85% of hazardous chemicals proven in a survey. Avoid toys that smell like plastic. Anyhow, you can pick toys that are made of natural oils finish, non-toxic wood, walnut oil, etc.

Sound & Pictures:

Your baby grows every second and so they start using all 5 senses. There may be a little late but they grasp the sound, vision, etc. During this period babies start following sounds and recognize objects or people with their vision and familiarity. Music creates emotional connectivity, promotes good sleep, keeps them occupied, and makes them smile. Pictures will help them in developing their vision, to identify things and more. You can visit Firstcry and buy various picture books, musical toys like soft cloth storybooks, drum keyboard toys, etc. To ease your burden more, you can use the Firstcry Coupon code & avail them with huge discounts.

Chewing convenience:

One of the most important milestones is when your baby starts teething. They can be cranky, irritated, and avoid feeding as it increases sensitivity, swelling in the gums. During this time a teether or any chewable toy will be very helpful to relieve and self-soothe them. Also, they tend to put and munch every item in their mouth. So, it is better if you shop for harmless chewing toys, teether, teething rings, and more at affordable prices by using Mothercare promo code.

Regular Drip-Dry & Durability:

Babies are vulnerable to infection-causing substances. Children always wonder what they can do with their little hands, legs, and the toys they have been provided. They constantly throw their toys on the ground, lift them up, and keep them in their mouths. As a parent, you should always roll the dice for washable toys and keep their surroundings disinfected. So, buy toys that can always be cleaned and safe to reuse.

Clever picks:

The excitement to explore new things, interactions make babies adapt and understand the relations. It is all about their anticipation as they grow curious to develop all their skills. At this point in time, providing them with some brainy toys will help them grow more. Toys like blocks of different sizes, mirrors, push-pull toys, and more will develop their solitary activities. So, next time shop for the fat-brain or educational toys that will stimulate and engage your baby towards growing.

Additional measures to take while buying toys:

  • Avoid toys that are too loud.
  • Avoid electronic devices that may affect the eyesight and imagination ability of babies.
  • Avoid smaller items like marbles, coins, etc as they tend to swallow them.
  • Avoid sharp points & edgy toys.
  • Avoid any paint items as it includes chemical products.
  • Avoid pre-owned toys.