Influencers Changing The Affiliate Marketing With Best Affiliate Networks

Best Affiliate Networks

It has become quite apparent that marketing style and strategies have changed in the last five years. While traditional marketing like billboards,  advertisements, and even the best affiliate networks are still there and will be there, however, the new brand of marketing is influencer marketing. It is a mode of marketing that connects with the larger target audience. It has gained relevance among social media users. As a result, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube have adapted their space to be influencer marketing friendly. Many of these, along with others, has become a platform that can combine traditional marketing systems with the influence of marketing strategies

Often, many new and existing brands who have considered or used affiliate marketing, respectively, might be in a dilemma. Does the main question remain whether affiliate network marketing holds much relevance in this digital era? Or do these companies have to cower down to the influencer marketing strategy only, where it is all about paying and getting the influencer’s shout-out? 

The answer is yes and no. We know it might seem confusing, but because influencer marketing is the way forward, it is essential to learn how to use influencers in affiliate network marketing. But before we go into the details of how best affiliate networks perform in this digital era. And how they can be used by the companies, here is a brief overview of traditional affiliate network marketing. 

Traditional Vs. New Influencer Affiliate Marketing  

The traditional affiliate network marketing was quite different from the present platforms that are the best affiliate networks in the market. 

Customers Had To Know About The Affiliates 

Most affiliates that promoted a brand or a company earlier use their blogs or websites to publish The products/services. This meant your customers had to be aware of these affiliates who were bloggers or online publishers. 

Unlike now, anyone can go into any social media platform and find many influencers working with different companies as affiliates. As a result, customers can get to know about your brand and business for the first time why this affiliate influencer and purchase your product depending on the recommendations and reviews. 

Multiple Branding, Multiple Affiliate

In traditional affiliate network marketing, since the individuals wanted to monetize the content they created for a company or a brand, they would often affiliate with multiple brands and companies. Unfortunately, it could also mean affiliating with competitive companies. Usually, various affiliations for these independent bloggers and publishers. It meant targeting different audiences with varying preferences and eventually getting more referral fees. 

The new way of affiliate influencer networking desists from working with competitive brands. Also, since most influencers understand the importance of connectivity with the audience. They recommend products that they don’t have confidence in. All these factors make Influencers the best brand ambassadors for your business. Even if you are interested in affiliate network marketing. 

Last but not least, when you engage influencers in affiliate marketing, you are opening up your brand to a combination of effective strategies like a demonstration, reviews, call-to-action, and even personal experience with the brand – all at once. 

5 Best Affiliate Networks

Now that you have an idea of how influencers are changing the traditional affiliate network marketing. It is time to take a sneak peek into the five best affiliate networks helping influencers shift the affiliate marketing field. 

1. ShareASale 

The platform has been in the market for almost two decades now and is said to be one of the best affiliate networks for beginners. The platform offers a huge list of clients and businesses for influencers to select and has multiple features that can benefit influencers with more than one website. 

2. Amazon Associates 

It is one of the most renowned and famous names on the list. Though it is not technically an affiliate network program. It is a place where you can find almost anything that only sells Amazon products. However, an affiliate can earn about 10 percent on the sales made. 

3. Clickbank

It has one of the largest libraries of categories on the list. It can be termed niche websites for food and cooking, fashion, health and fitness, and even games. The place has over 200 million customers. It is still one of the famous and best affiliate network platforms despite the rise of the other networks. 

4. Rakuten LinkShare

Popular brands like Sephora, Macy’s, The Boston Globe, and New Balance are exclusive to this network. In addition, the platform hosts categories like pet supplies to lifestyle companies. With over 110 million orders so far delivered is touted to be the most reliable network. The specialty is it uses the latest technology to warrant that your audience gets the right and correct results. 

5. CJ Affiliate 

It is believed to be one of the top paying affiliate network platforms and garners from over $126 million transactions a whopping amount of $15 billion. In addition, many Fortune 500 companies use this platform. Hence, it is no surprise that it can be tough to get registered with the network. 

The Bottom Line

If you plan to invest in one of the best affiliate networks, consider using an influencer affiliate network marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective move and the best way to reach out to a larger audience and improve sales. If you are looking for an influencer for affiliate marketing, let us help you since we are the pro in influencer marketing