8 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money While Traveling the World

Travel jobs

The beauty of humanity lies in its diversity- no two people are made the same. While some like savory foods, others like sweets, some people love to watch movies while others prefer books over them. Similarly, when it comes to our livelihood, some people enjoy the stability of a desk job, while some might crave adventure. If you happen to be of the latter kind, there is good news for you- it is absolutely possible to make living travel jobs while traveling the world! 

Much like the thrill of playing a breakout escape room Bangalore, your job too can be a constant boost of excitement and thrill if you know the right places to look at. And this does not mean that you will have to compromise on how much you are getting paid.  

In this article, we have the list of the 8 best travel jobs that can be an exciting and reliable way of earning money while allowing you to follow your passion! So, let’s check out the options.   

1. Travel Blogger 

The most common and possibly the best way to do a job out of your dream of traveling the world is by becoming a travel blogger. For these kinds of travel jobs, all you need is the thirst to seek out and travel to every nook and corner of the world and enumerate your experiences.  

However, things might not be as easy as you thought them to be, as you have got competition, buddy! With tons of travel bloggers spurring the internet these days, as a startup, you must do something to stand out in the crowd. There can be several specific areas when it comes to writing travel blogs. So, to find out what suits you the best, do ample research by reading different kinds of blogs that you find online. Once you have decided whether you want to go for luxury traveling, traveling with kids, budget traveling, or anything else, go on and start working!   

2. English Teacher 

No matter what the person sitting next to you might say, English is one of the most-spoken languages in the entire world. It, in turn, makes the travel jobs of an English teacher highly sought for in countries across the globe. While there might be chances that you need to teach online, there are chances that you might need to travel to a country internationally for it!  

You can use many of the online portals that you will come across on the web to search for clients/students who are looking for an English teacher and apply for it. While a bachelor’s degree might be sufficient for online platforms, some may even require you to have a TEFL certification for applying!   

3. Travel Freelance Writer 

If you are good with spurring content that is loved by viewers on the web, this can be your thing! Working as a travel freelance writer as you satiate your hunger for exploring different places can be an exciting way to earn money. For this, all you have to do is travel to the place that you most desire and write about it. Following this, you would soon get paid by the company that publishes your writing on their website. 

Becoming a contributor in a known travel magazine, tourism boards, or even travel guidebooks can be a great opportunity for you!   

4. Tour Guide 

For those of you harboring sufficient knowledge about various travel destinations located across the world, go for this! If you love to travel and explore hidden and unknown places, this is your golden opportunity to make money simply by doing what you love.  

All you need to work on is getting a tourist guide license, and you are good to go! But, first things first. Search from amongst the many travel guide training programs and get enrolled in one before embarking on your new job. This step will make it easier for you to get the job!   

5. Traveling Yoga Instructor 

Yes, you have heard it right! Yoga has gained massive popularity in recent times all over the globe. Especially with the ever-increasing stress and anxiety of jobs, people are turning to yoga to seek relief from it all. So, becoming a yoga instructor can bring you a step closer to your dream of traveling the world. 

The amount of money that you will be earning through these travel jobs would be more than enough to pay for your travel expenses. To find greater success in your job as a traveling yoga instructor, it would certainly do you good to get yourself a proper certification. Once done, all you need to do is start networking yourself with regional gyms, five-star hotels, or any other suitable place to have your training sessions!   

6. Beauty Therapist 

Making people look great is equitable to making them feel great. With people growing more concerned about how they look, the scope of a beauty therapist increases worldwide! So, if you can work to become a qualified beauty therapist, traveling worldwide as you make money would be your cup of tea.  

However, the only cons about this job (if you see it so) is how you might be needed to learn a few foreign languages as you travel. You see, people would generally like to hire someone as their beauty therapist and even pay a hefty amount for it if he/she speaks their native. However, once you cross this challenge, traveling across the globe in cruise ships, spending a spa day in some unknown city, and so much more awaits you!   

7. Travel Agent 

Though you may like to hunt for accommodations, things to do, and several other factors before visiting a place, so many people dislike the thought of it! So, if you have already guessed it, yes, becoming a travel agent could be your thing. If you like to make itineraries for tours, working as an independent travel agent or under a company could be your dream job.  

From accommodations to things to do in the city, and hence the entire tour plan is under your control! While you possess detailed and sufficient knowledge of the places you intend to visit, becoming a travel agent can be a great choice for you.   

8. Freelance Travel Photographer 

If you like clicking pictures when you travel to any place, this could be your thing! There are hurdles in this job too. But, if you are proficient in using your camera, you are good to go.  

Owning a DSLR, a varied range of lenses, a tripod, and a remote shutter are a few must-needed pieces of equipment for this job. Apart from simply clicking the pictures, there is something more that you need. Working round the clock to turn your pictures into something majestic through your editing skills is another part of this job. If you satisfy these few factors, becoming a freelance travel photographer can be an amazing way to earn good money as you travel.  


The travel jobs that have been discussed above can be feasible channels of income for anyone with the right skillset. So, go ahead and choose a job that suits your tastes. With the right mixture of perseverance, devotion, and determination to your job, you can surely make your way through it!