Dead white contact lenses should try once in Halloween

White Contact Lenses

A person wearing white contact lenses and walking on a deserted road, it was eerily silent. Nothing could be heard except the wind as it rustled the leaves of the trees. She sat beside her mother’s grave. Wilted leaves and faded petals picked up the worn-out flower and stretched her hand to put it on the grave. But before she could, someone tapped her shoulder. Turning around, she couldn’t stop the scream that escaped her throat and pierced the threatening silence—dead man, with white eyes.

What are dead white lenses for?

All that you read is definitely not real. What made that man look really dead were his eyes. The amazingly natural dead white eyes made him look terrifying. The dead white contact lenses can give such a look. Moreover, if you want to frighten a friend of yours in a similar scenario, the dead white contact lenses can make the setting much scarier. You surely need these white contacts if you’re looking for a look that matches Bran or Arya Stark from Game of Thrones!

Why are these lenses a must-have?

May it be a normal day or a special event like Halloween, you can surely awestruck your party, and with that drop-dead scary look of your, you can leave them all shocked, gasping with horror!

In olden times, people used to spend hours selecting costumes, actually creating costumes to achieve the perfect scary look for Halloween’s divine event. But now that you have these dead white contact lenses, they will give you the perfect mysterious and spooky look to match your outfit/costume. Their effect is so creepy that you won’t even require a costume for Halloween anymore. If you want to look like a skeleton, or maybe a ghost, or the famous Nun, as in the horror movie, a pair of these dead white contact lenses is surely your pick.

You can use them for a fancy dress party too, if you want to dress up like a Disney princess with white eyes or a fairy Godmother, chanting a spell on a beautiful princess.

Comfort and style, hand in hand

They are completely white, with slight darkness on the edges of the eyeball. These lenses are 60 percent water-based, this makes them extremely comfortable to wear for as long as you want. You surely have all the time to catch the amazed and impressed looks of the people around you. 

Looks to kill!

These lenses add to the personality of everyone, no matter if you are dark-haired or light-haired. Your skin tone is light to honey to brown or dark. But the real drama is caused by the eye color you have. Light eyed people will have a really white outlook. If you are dark-eyed, these lenses will give your eyes a greyish deep ocean look. 

No vision obstruction

If you think that dead white contact lenses may obstruct the vision, then you should be relaxed; they don’t do so. Thinking much will just delay your decision; nothing affects your vision. They just bring a difference to your appearance. So be confident and grab a pair right now!

Taking care of your lenses

Every new product needs some time to adjust to your body. The same is the case with these dead white contact lenses. They will take some time to suit your eye. They must be soaked and stored in the given solution by the optician after every use. Make sure you don’t dip them in water because water causes bacteria on the lens, thus reducing the lens’s life. Never use an already expired lens. And wash and clean the container of the lenses regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get yours now, scare the hell out of everyone around you!