Easy Way to Increase Attention of Your Kids

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It’s fun to hear kid descriptions of various inattentions. There is probably no child in the land of India who does not look out of the window while reading and does not paint on the teddy bears. However, inattention is more or less.

The attention will depend on the age of the child. 4-5 year old child and an 8-10 year old child will not have the same attention. Attention should be increased through habits. If the child is allowed to read for two hours straight on the first day, he will not sit down. In that case he would have to sit for half an hour reading in the first one week. Gradually increase that deadline. More or less the child’s attention, parents do not always understand. Only the teachers in his school can say that best. But if you make some habits from a young age, inattention can be brought to the forefront.

Indoor games

Now there are a lot of indoor games, books available, which enhance the child’s cognitive skills – such as various types of activity books, building blocks, puzzles, etc. Giving him this type of game or book instead of a smartphone reduces the problem of attention a lot. Choose the best site to watch cartoons online for your kid that adds over fun. If you solve puzzles or play with building blocks by taking a break in between reading in the evening, you will never lose your focus and your boredom will be cut off.

Music comes to mind         

You can train him in musical instruments from a young age. In many places abroad, piano is taught from the age of two and a half. If that is not possible, you can teach guitar, mouth organ, synthesizer — any one instrument. Concentration level increases a lot by taking notes.

Story telling

Take some time before bed to tell the story. They will be interested in telling stories by acting. We have to give him a chance to ask questions in the middle of the story. It also creates a tendency for the small listener to listen patiently. The role of storytelling to increase attention is huge. To understand if he is listening to the story, you can also check the story later by asking questions.

Small instructions

Give him small instructions while writing. First, start with three: for example, when drawing a picture, ‘add the points, draw the outline with the colour, and paint the inside.’ Gradually increase the number of instructions and see how much you can remember. If we develop the habit of doing the right thing at home, we will not have any problem in following the instructions of the teachers in the school.

The trick of the game

Concentration cannot be increased by reading or drawing all the time. In that case, he can play small games. Take the child with you. Tell him to count as many red objects as you can see in the market. Maybe you are going somewhere again, tell the child how many car number plates he has seen ending with two, to tell you the number. This will also increase the child’s attention.

Parental responsibility

Talk to the baby. And listen to him with your mind. If the parents are calm and listen to the child with their mind, then naturally his extra restlessness will come down. Let her do her/his homework. Don’t do it yourself for fear of being scolded at school. In this he will understand the importance of reading. When your child is twelve or fourteen years old, start preparing for his or her exams. You can use timer while teaching. Tie time to each task. If you have the habit of finishing it in time, the test will be convenient.

Do not tension in front of children, do not suffer from panic. Try to stay normal by at least suppressing your feelings in front of him. Otherwise, a kind of instability will be born in him. If the home environment is calm and relaxed, the nature of the child is also affected.