Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a serious health condition in males, as the name indicates it is difficulty or inability to obtain or maintain an erection.

Erection problems may occur in males sometimes but they are not considered erectile dysfunction until and unless the condition is persistent with increased frequency and no sufficient erection occurs for a long time.

Almost 40% of Australian men are affected by this problem.

How erectile dysfunction occurs:

When there is not enough blood flow to the genitals, an erection is not possible.

In response to se xual stimulation, the muscles in the penis relax and cavernosal sinuses open up, at the same time the smooth muscle walls of the arteries also relax causing vasodilation and increased blood flow to the penis.

When the sinuses become filled with blood an erection occurs.

Any pathology or disease that hinders the blood from reaching the penile tissue causes erectile dysfunction. Currently, people prefer to get help from Vialis Meds about this serious issue.

Causes for erectile dysfunction:

Many factors lead a person to erectile dysfunction, it may be a consequence of psychological, systemic, or neurological impairment.

Lifestyle does have an impact on erection. The following are the main reasons for having erection problems in Australia.

1. Obesity

2. Smoking

3. Alcoholism

4. Cardiac co-morbidities

5. Systemic diseases like diabetes

6. Renal failure

7. Sedentary lifestyle

8. Atherosclerosis

9. Fatty diet

10. Aging

11. Multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders

12. Depression and anxiety.

Treating erectile dysfunction depends on treating any of the above underlying causes.

Best exercises for treating erectile dysfunction:

Exercise has a generalized effect on our body, it regulates the metabolic and muscular activities by the release of mediators and hormones in our body.

The best way to maintain your fitness is to get involved in a regular workout plan. Not only reducing weight but also improving circulation, thus daily exercise reduces the number of risk factors of erectile dysfunction for males.

Goals of exercise for erectile dysfunction:

Keeping the view of exercising for treating erection problems, the goals to consider are,

i. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles

ii. Enhancing circulation

iii. Weight loss

iv. Stress relieve.

To achieve these goals the best exercises are

a. Aerobic training

b. Kegel exercises

c. Pilates 

Aerobic exercises: 

Aerobic training refers to those exercises that involve the use of oxygen for the muscles to contract and relax while burning body fats. These exercises are generally recommended for patients having any cardiovascular problems or obesity as the underlying cause for erectile dysfunction but normal individuals can also indulge in aerobic training for the sake of general well being. However, the best aerobic exercises are, running jogging, swimming. While performing aerobic exercises a person first needs to do warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes by doing low-intensity walking, and body stretching. So, there is also a need for a cool down after 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercises, the cooldown is usually 10 minutes or less.

Kegel exercises: 

These exercises involve the active contraction of the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds and then relaxing for a few seconds. This alternate contraction and relaxation are repeated 4 to 5 times. Generally recommended for pelvic floor strengthening they also function well in erectile problems. In the case, of erectile dysfunction, the bulbocavernosus muscle that is responsible for an erection is targeted. First, a person needs to identify this specific muscle to achieve effective results in an erection. After identification, you just need to contract the muscle for 3 seconds and then relax and repeat it 5 times initially, but later on, you can reach up to 10 repetitions maximum.


They include the following exercises,

i. Bridging

ii. Kneeling side plank

iii. Knee fall outs

iv. Supine foot raise

Medical treatment for erectile dysfunction:

In Australia, you can buy medications for erectile dysfunction with the following trade names,

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Priligy
  • Kamagra jelly
  • Levitra

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