Five Tips For Surviving Your Next Big Adventure To India

Adventure to India can be a rather overwhelming place for most foreigners. From the sights to the smells, everything about India is mind-blowing. Keeping up with the energy that India offers is not a task for everyone. India is definitely one of the most difficult places to travel for foreigners. However, the experience that you will have there will be worth every bit of trouble that you may come across. Booking your flights to India is a rather easy task nowadays, given that travelers can get the assistance of so many convenient online booking portals. 

But, if you think that getting cheap flights to Mumbai is all you need to do, then you are mistaken. If you are planning to travel to India then there are many things you need to be aware of. There are many aspects of India apart from the delicious foods and beautiful sceneries, and you need to be prepared to encounter each of these aspects without a shock. So, here we have put together a list of tips that will come in handy once your flight lands in this beautiful country.

Be ready for a cultural shock:

Anytime you visit a foreign country, you are bound to experience a cultural shock on some level. Be it the food or the people or their customs or the scenery, there is so much that you need to get accustomed to, that it may be hard for you to adjust in the beginning. This is especially true for India, as India is one country that has stayed very connected to its roots and has shunned westernization. There is simply no point in trying to fight the cultural shock you experience here. Instead, you should be ready to embrace it with open arms. Once you do that, you will be able to truly see and experience all the wonders of India.

Don’t just stick to the cities:

As suggested by the tagline ‘Incredible India”, India truly is an incredible place for anyone visiting. There is so much that one needs to explore and discover while they visit India. However, most travelers make the common mistake of just sticking to the big cities and avoiding rural areas. Although India is a tricky place for most foreigners to navigate, the rural landscape is too beautiful to be missed by anyone visiting. You can simply rely on the welcoming warmth of the people and the guiding power of Google to get around easily and explore each and every aspect of this wondrous country.

Dress conservatively:

India has a rather hot climate for most people to bear. It can get especially bad during the peak summer months when the sun is scorching. For most foreigners from western countries, it is quite common to wear rather revealing clothes. However, this might not be such a great idea in India. Given that you might be visiting many religious places, most travelers should always try and dress a bit conservatively. Even if you aren’t visiting a religious place per se, wearing clothes that cover you decently is a good idea. As a bonus, it will also save you from unwanted sun exposure.

Get a local sim card:

Getting a local sim card is always a good idea, no matter where you are traveling. It is an especially good idea in India, as you can easily get around when you have constant access to the internet. Getting a sim card is a fairly easy task as you can conveniently get it from one of the kiosks that you will find at almost all international and domestic airports in India. These kiosks can be seen at both the arrival and departure areas. So, the first thing you need to do as soon as your flight lands in India is to get a sim card.

Go vegetarian:

Going vegetarian in some countries might mean that you will have to stick to a boring diet of salads and soups. However, that is definitely not the case in India. As a majority of the Indian population is vegetarian, Indians have mastered the art of vegetarianism. There is no other country in the world where you can find vegetarian food that is half as good as the stuff you find in India. Given the variety of Indian cuisine, you will never run out of options to try out here. This might just be your one big chance to ditch meat and go green.

Armed with this information and useful tips for travel, your trip to India will be as amazing as you always imagined it to be. You will be awestruck by the picturesque views, warm people, appetizing food, and the rich heritage that the country has to offer. Don’t worry too much about the things that you may encounter. Just dive headfirst into this experience of a lifetime. There won’t be a single thing you’ll regret in the end. So, just get on your flights to India and fly away to a place of absolute splendor and wonder.