Get the Witty Eyes with Dead White Contact Lenses

White Contact Lenses

The Dead White Contact Lenses are meant to transform your entire eye colour to dead white. You try them out on different days with different costumes and makeup looks. Try as many looks as you can; we assure you that every single one of them is such a spellbinding one! They can give your eye an alarming, sharp, edgy, and uncommon look. Dazzle eye to eye connection right away. Your eyes won’t look like typical natural eyes, but as of some character from the space. These contacts make your eyes creepy and tense and make them a perfect choice for a frightening event.

Are you lost, dead, or blind?

These dead white contact lenses can flawlessly make you imitate three people, lost, dead, and blind! Act like you are lost in your dream and scare your partner while sleeping! If not, then pretend like you are dead and scare your friends. If you think you are not ready to play such a risky prank on your partner or friends, then another choice is to act as a blind in front of some stranger and let them help you carry your groceries!

Points to Ponder

Here are a few things that you should take care of if you are planning to wear Dead White Contact Lenses.

Shock the people!

You will startle a few people. People will be shocked, so they’ll freak, run, jump and complain too maybe. Be prepared for the consequences. Also, be careful around kids and aged people.

Talk of the town!

You will be the discussion of the gathering. Everyone will be talking about your dead white eyes and wondering what’s wrong with you. Some people will be stunned by how well you pull off the rock, while some will be disgusted.

Treat the jealous ones well!

You may cop a touch of desire for an incredible look. People who can’t get a look like you will be jealous, of course. Don’t let their jealousy take over the fun out. In fact, reach out to them and tell them the secret to your devilish look.

Be prepared for the question bomb!

You may get asked more than once where you got ‘those eyes.’ You’ll look distinctive in them, which will make a lot of people question you about them. That’s the point where you can trick them a little by telling them you are blind or that’s how your eyes are since childhood. Once they believe you, tell them it was a prank and introduce to them dead white contact lenses.

Be aware of the mirror effect!

You can scare yourself too. In case you get lost in the event and celebration, it is pretty possible that’ll you’ll forget about the lenses that you are wearing. Seeing yourself in a mirror, all of a sudden, can scare the shit out of you too. Be ready!

Looks to create with Dead White Contact Lenses

These Dead White Contact Lenses are a great decision for theme parties, Halloween, carnivals, etc. They are regularly intended for such occasions so one can wear them to startle or trick somebody on eves of such celebration and happiness. What Dead White Contact Lenses really do is that they turn your iris to an utterly extraordinary shading that makes your eyes look dead. So, they help you to change into a frightening character like that vampire series. Dead White Contact Lenses make people suspect that they will make them incapable of seeing, which is absurd. They are safe to utilize, and one can easily wear them for 8 hours. As it covers all of your eyes practically, it sure gives you a creepy look. 

If you don’t know how to use these Dead White Contact Lenses, we will get you out with that! There are various dazzling looks that you can make with the assistance of Dead White Contact Lenses.


The most mainstream one is “The Zombie Look”. If you want to accomplish that ghostly look where it nearly appears as though you have been dead for a thousand years, Dead White Contact Lenses will take care of business! Other than that, you can do looks transforming yourself into apparitions, evil spirits, sequential executioners, witches, medical attendants, vampires, or freaky jokesters, and so on! 

Sugar Skeleton 

You have to keep your whole look highly contrasting for a spookier impact for the sugar skeleton look. All you need is a beautiful outfit, possibly a hairpiece, and Dead White Contact Lenses to arrange your look. However, you are ensured to frighten even grown-ups, alongside youngsters on Halloween. 

Werewolf Look 

After shows like The Vampire diaries and twilight etc. a werewolf look is really in! You just have to do your makeup and get dressed up like you regularly do. Start with bronzer and highlighter to contour your face. Wear a burgundy lip conceal. Incorporate fake teeth and fake blood to appear like you just ambushed your progressing prey. Dead White Contact Lenses would help you brush off the look perfectly.

Mermaid Look 

Youngsters always go for looks that are sweet and appear to be enchanting too. A mermaid look is ideal for all theme parties. To achieve this look, you must have a fishnet print on your forehead, nose, and eyes. Use a comparable concealing for your eyeshadow and go for a toned hair hairpiece as well. So, the Dead White Contact Lenses will make your eyes look marvelous and emanate a unique vibe. 


Finally, dolls! Name an individual who’s not frightened of dolls, of course, those in scary movies where they are usually possessed. I wager you can’t handle it after the arrival of motion pictures like Anabelle. All you need is ideally a white gown, rough and torn. Wear your hair into ponytails. Put Contact Lenses and paint your upper and lower up black. Add some fake blood for a freaky look. What’s more, you are all set!