Give Your Outdoor a Beautiful Makeover Using Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rug

Rugs are an essential part of any home design. When it comes to furnishing accessories, no one can imagine a perfect design without the presence of rugs. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor setting, indoor and outdoor rugs will serve as an essential accessory. Outdoor rugs serve a variety of purposes in outdoor areas, they help in softening the floor, creating ambiance, and defining space. However, often these rugs get dull and lose their flare over time. We recommend replacing old rugs with newer ones but if you don’t find replacing these rugs pocket friendly.

There is still a way to bring the style back to your outdoor setting. You can give your outdoor rugs a whole new makeover by following some easy steps and you can use these rugs for several years. All you have to do is keep these rugs clean and take proper care of them. Here is how you give your outdoor rug a new makeover:

Things You Need:

Sisal rugs are amongst a number of types of outdoor rugs, these rugs are quite affordable and offer durability as well. You can reflect your style on these naturally woven rugs easily. You can customize these rugs by painting them with your hand. All you need is a low pile of outdoor rugs preferably a sisal rug, drop cloth, tape measure, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a large round paintbrush, and 2 inches wide painters tape. Now we list the steps you need to do in order to turn your simple rug into a masterpiece that will get a lot of appreciation from everyone.

Prepare the Space:

Place a drop cloth on the floor in a place with proper ventilation, you can also use a plastic wrapper as well. Now layer your rug on the drop cloth. Now see if your rug has a border, if you want to keep this border intact, you should cover it completely using painters tape. The painters’ tape will protect the border of your rug from the paint you are going to apply on the other parts of your outdoor rug.

Mark the Rug:

Use a tape measure to mark the center of the rug using a pencil. Now go outwards from the center mark and paste two lengths of painters tape from the center to one corner of the rug in a parallel manner. Now repeat the whole process for the adjacent corner to create a V like shape. Just remember to keep each leg of the V 4 inches wide. Now look for the point where V legs meet with each other and trim them to a perfect point using scissors. Make a 4 inches spacer of tape for each V using a ruler. Repeat this process until the entire rug is taped. 

It is Time to Paint:

Take chalk finish paint in a large cup and add a couple of drops of water in it. This will help the paint to easily glide on the surface of the rug. You can also use a spray bottle to make the rug surface damp before painting it. Blot excess paint from the paintbrush using a cloth. Now paint your desired colors between the Vs you have made using painters tape. Add more coats if needed and let it dry completely. Repeat all these steps to complete the makeover of your outdoor rug.

Stain-resistant & colourfast

Moreover, the outdoor carpet is the ideal solution for uneven tiles, dry soil, and weeds: put a carpet over it and there is nothing left to see. Then it is important to go for a copy that withstands the various elements well. Nobody wants a faded or moldy carpet. A polypropylene carpet is therefore a good idea. This is a solid material, lasts a long time, and at the same time feels soft on bare feet. In addition, it hardly absorbs moisture, it is stain resistant and colorfast.