How to Clean Feather Pillows And Cushions

Feather Pillows

Nothing is more satisfying than falling asleep soundly with the support of a luxurious feather pillows after a long and tiring day. However, you could also end yourself covered in grime if you need better cleaning practices!

Bed pillows are the most easily soiled item in the home. A good night’s sleep helps us shed stress, but it also causes us to lose a lot of oils, sweat, and skin cells. And that garbage creates an ideal environment for microorganisms and bugs to flourish. According to one research, dust mites and dead skin may account for one-third of a pillow’s weight!

It’s time to preserve your feather cushion’s pleasant scent and velvety texture. Using these feather pillow washing and maintenance recommendations, you can extend the life of your luxurious bedding.

Care Guide For Feather Bed Pillows

It should be no surprise that goose and duck feathers make for quite waterproof cushions. Synthetic materials like foam often tear, clump, and deteriorate in the laundry. Feather pillows, though? You may spray and throw them about; they will usually come out OK.

Moreover, it doesn’t imply there aren’t any guidelines to adhere to. Feathers from waterfowl should not be washed in machines with detergent in them. Using the incorrect setting or product might destroy the pillow’s feel.

Here’s how to wash feather pillows without worrying about them.

Examine the pillow before cleaning:

Before feather pillow washing always inspect both the shell and the care tag. Pillows made of feathers and down may tolerate mild cleaning, but they could have foam and other comfort layers that disintegrate in the washing machine. It should be indicated on the label if it’s dry clean or how to wash it at home.

Examine the cover for tears or holes after verifying the label. Feathers or down should not come loose from the pillow when washed. Look closely for any loose threads at the seams. Feathers may fly about the washer, and seams may open if you don’t patch them.

Choose a mild liquid detergent or speciality product:

Standard feather pillow washing detergent isn’t the best for feathers and down, as we’ll explain in a moment. It puts you in a difficult situation when cleaning is required. If you want to remove stains and odors, you’ll need a cleaner, but detergents and soap suds may harm feathers. Put some mild laundry detergent in the washer. Feathers and down will clump and become brittle if soap is used excessively.

Avoid Using Cloth Softener

The washing machine’s fabric softener gives textiles a softer feel. It applies a charged chemical layer on the fibers, causing them to stand and fluff up. However, fabric softener increases weight and promotes clumping on down and feathers.

Utilising two pillows, balance the machine

Handle two feather pillows at a time to maintain an even burden. Remove any covers so they may be laundered separately from the rest of your bedding. One feather cushion should be placed on either side of the drum.

Place the two pillows upright in the washing if it has an agitator. Agitators may harm delicate feather pillows. For the best cleaning, you should take them to a laundromat with a front-loading washing machine because you won’t be feather pillow washing them very often.

Delicate Cycle with Low Water Temperature

Certain textiles may shrink in hot water, and feathers may sustain damage. As the manufacturer directs, follow the washing guidelines for the best results. If the pillow doesn’t specify the cycle setting or temperature, err on caution. Wash your feather pillows in cold water with a moderate spin cycle to preserve them.

Execute One More Rinse Cycle

It is essential to remove excess detergent and soap residue to maintain the fluff and support of feather and down pillows. Run a second rinse cycle on them. You may give them another low-speed setting to release extra moisture if your machine offers a “spin only” option.


A feather cushion should only be washed twice a year in the washing machine. And you have to be very careful while cleaning it. Not much can be done to kill dust mites or remove stubborn stains with low heat and a little detergent. Pillows made of down and feathers will not be revived but will be refreshed. Hello Laundry, laundry cleaning service is the answer if you want fast and efficient laundry service. However, their excellent laundry pickup and delivery services eliminate the hassle of doing your own laundry.