How To Get Rid Of Bees With Proper Knowledge And Technique?

How To Get Rid Of Bees

Animals and humans live together in the environment, and they also benefit each other. In the case of bees, when they come in large numbers, it starts bothering a lot to humans. Oneself and their family may feel uncomfortable around them. Due to those buzzing sounds, and their strings hurt a lot. So, it is always good to know how to get rid of bees; this knowledge is necessary for humans’ safety.

Few bees are very dangerous, and some are not so dangerous. One should always know about the types of bees for taking the correct step to keep them away. This will help one to take quick action. Now let’s know the methods to identify the species of bees.

How to Identify the Species?

Make sure it’s the bee.

Whenever one spots a hive, they confirm it’s a bee without noticing. Take time and identify what it is, whether it’s a wasp, hornet, or bee. One can identify them by following ways:-

Food Source – Wasp or hornet prey other insects, but bees don’t.

Hair- Bees are a lot furrier than wasp or hornet.

Thickness- Bees is plump from the middle, but wasp or hornet is more elongated and has a thinner waist

One may take photos to determine

There are different methods mentioned on how to get rid of bees of different types. One has to choose the correct step to get rid of them completely and safely. One may take pictures of the species and show them to any professional exterminator or beekeeper. Otherwise, one may also search them online. Knowing the type of species will help a lot.

How to distinguish between carpenter bees and bumblebees

At first glance, one can’t distinguish them. Both appear way too similar. After searching online, if one believes that they have any of them, then search a little more to confirm. One can distinguish them with the help of the following information.

  • Sociability- Bumblebees are swarms, and carpenter bees are solitary
  • Visual Clues- Carpenter bees have less hair and feature a black dot on top.

Use their nest

One can also consider the nest to identify the species.

  • The nest of Honeybees is generally found in hollow spaces like logs, tree trunks, or fence posts. They ignore home structures, but they are found in wall cavities, attics, and roofs.
  • Bumblebees build their nest near or in the soil. They build in places like compost piles, underneath outdoor raised structures, deserted rodent nests.
  • Carpenter bees always make their nest into woods. If one notices any activities around coin-sized holes, then it’s carpenter bees.

How to Get rid of bees in different situations

Before eradicating the species, consider the harm they can give to the family and pets. If there is serious infestation into one’s living space, bees can do dangerous things as well.

Here we mentioned some natural and chemical ways on how to get rid of honey bees.

How to Get rid of bees naturally

 One can keep entry points sealed

Using mesh screening to block any holes, cracks, crevices, or other openings is a good option. With the help of this DIY method, one can keep the problem away before it starts. Before doing this, make sure that any nest doesn’t exist at any of these openings. Bees will chew their way out if they get trapped inside. They may cause danger later.

One can reduce yard debris; this leads to fewer openings than normal situations. It provides bees less place to create the nest.

Relocating the beehives

Suppose one finds a beehive in siding, trees very close to their home or underneath the deck. Then they can go for relocating the beehives. Relocate hive is never recommended; it is a very dangerous thing. If it is not done properly, then it will cause huge injury. One should always call a beekeeper to relocate the hive. They have lots of experience on how to get rid of honey bees, and it is the best option to do it successfully.

Using bee traps to get rid of them

Buying a bee trap from the local hardware store is another way to get rid of bees. To trap several species of stinging insects, use non-toxic attractants. It will also remove carpenter bees.

How to Get rid of bees using chemical

One can use sprays like foaming bee and wasp insecticide. These sprays are available in the local stores. Keep in mind one should use it only when the hive is outdoors.

How to Get rid of bees with the help of professionals

When bees already built their nests inside the walls of one’s house, then they should call professionals only. If they do anything without knowledge or experience, it will cause a huge amount of damage. One may call pest control pros or beekeepers; they have knowledge and experience. So, they know how to get rid of honey bees safely. They will relocate the hive with full safety. If the hive is a danger to pets or people, only they will know the right time and way of exterminating.


No one knows the species of bees and how to treat them well. We mentioned lots of ways on how to get rid of bees in various situations. Knowing the right technique and maintain precautions is very important while removing bees. Bees can sting one badly. When there are kids or pets in one’s house, they should always call experts and maintain the best precautions. They will help one to get rid of them without any trouble.