How to Shine and Look Best on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Marriage is a beautiful event in itself. But there is not a question if one claims that the wonderful ceremony that follows this event is just as amazing. From getting the opportunity to meet everyone in the extended family to the terrific food the catering company had brought in; all in all it is simply amazing, to say the least. There is this unspoken yet common belief, that the wedding day is actually just the day that the girl gets to look her best. She walks down the aisle and basically be the show stopper. It seems a bit odd that the spotlight on this special occasion – which represents the holy union between two people – should only be focused on the lady of the show. Make a difference, steal a little of that limelight. 

Wedding rings

All the things that happened

As selfless as one must be, do not just sit aside and let your lady have all the attention. The wedding day is your chance to shine as well. After going through the stressful time period of finally working up the courage to ask her to marry you. That unbearable sense of anticipation – it all builds up and tends to kill you on the inside. And not to forget, the uncontrollable joy which was felt when she did say yes! Then proceeds to take your carefully chosen ring and wear it in her fourth finger.

After all the little bumps you both faced in your relationship, now the time has arrived to sign the final contract which binds you both together, like soul mates. It may seem quite intimidating, may even completely overwhelm your senses; but keep in mind that she is the one you see yourself growing old with and all this is worth that forever. 

wedding dress

Dressing up, looking good

As she puts on that white dress, taking that beautiful bouquet of roses into her hands – you will be getting ready for the show yourself. In another room at the same time, you would be tucking that white shirt into your dress pants. Maybe re-adjusting your sleek black belt and stepping into those matt black men’s shoes you had bought weeks ago just for this special day. Be careful about the fittings of the dresses. Don’t go for the readymade dresses. Instead, you may use a bespoke tailoring service for the perfect fitted dresses depending on your body structure.

From the excitement, there would be this distinct buzz in your ears as you look in the mirror and give yourself a mental pep-talk, reminding yourself that this is the day. This day on, she would be referred to as your wife and you her lawfully wedded husband. It would be simply amazing and your nervous energy would soon enough transform to become a cheery aura. 

Wedding day

Little tears down your cheek

As she prepares to walk down the aisle towards you, you would see her. For the first time on that wedding day is actually just the day that the girl gets to look her best. She dressed in this beautiful white dress that so perfectly hugs her curves and makes her look beautiful as always. And the closer she gets to you, the harder it is going to become to hold back tears. The emotions would get a little out of hand. Then you are finally getting this fortunate chance to tie the knot with the love of your life.

She is the woman that makes you want to cling on to life for a day longer if that meant seeing her laugh. She is the woman you would want to wake up to every morning for the rest of your life. Because she is so astounding and luckily: she is the one for you.