Hunter×Hunter season 5: Top rated series in the world

Hunter×Hunter season 5

In this great world of anime, the hunter×hunter season 5 also managed to join the top position. When one talks about cartoons, anime is the only thing that pops out in the mind of the Japanese. Now anime has gained a huge level of popularity all over the world.

The most famous series, such as Attack on Titan or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, are popular for their unique and focused characters. They also gained popularity from the eye-capturing fight scenes. Now the hunter×hunter anime is one of the top-rated animes.

It gained huge and unique fans. The Hunter×Hunter series’ released date and the expectations of the episodes of season 5. These are the most asked questions from the fans of this series. The last episode of season 4 continues in season 5 of the Hunter×Hunter series. They ended season 4 with Killua and Gon. They were taking leave from the island of Greed.

Now to find Ging Freecss, they are one step closer. These boys should move ahead for finding the star pupil of Ging, Kite. It may solve every question of Gon that he had about his father. This season will carry many emotions like a laugh, cry, angry, excitement. This season may fulfil the expectations of its fan.

The release date of the series Hunter×Hunter season 5

On July 29, 2020, this series released its season 4 on Netflix. There were 17 episodes in season 4, and the length of those episodes was 23 minutes each. Netflix declared at first that they would release season 5 of the Hunter×Hunter series in July 2021.

But they didn’t release its last two seasons at their scheduled time. Even after adding to the streamer’s library at the scheduled time. Netflix also removed the premiere date from the announcement that they decided on earlier.

After seeing these things from the past few days, the fans of this series started venting their frustration for Netflix on the social media platform. Except for the USA, other nations also received only four seasons of this series.

In other countries, it also includes Canada, Germany, Argentina, and Switzerland; they received only four seasons. Only a few countries received all six seasons, which includes Belgium, France, Southeast, and South Asia.

From this anime’s sequential history, we can say that season 5 will provide 20 episodes in total. On the platform of Netflix, Hunter×Hunter season 5 will blaze this whole series. So, there is no confirmation releasing date of season 5 of the Hunter×Hunter series. But they will release it soon.

The storyline of the series Hunter×Hunter season 5

In season 5 of the Hunter×Hunter series, the plot may twist to 360 degrees. The season may contain episodes that range between 12 to 26. We can mention this after following the alliance of the show so far. As the series should contain overall 148 episodes, so this is the possible approximation.

This whole series adapted an excellent and beautiful story of a Japanese manga. The company launches the Japanese manga of this series in 1998 in the market. A young boy whose name is Gon Freezes is the inspiration of this series. He reveals his father’s disclosure and found that he is a hunter.

The unique point about his father was that he is not an ordinary hunter. He used to travel into the dark and threatens his life to chase rare species, hunting treasure, and hunts down lawless vigilantes. The plot of season 5 of Hunter×Hunter may be a wild change of pace from season 4.

Chimera Ants, a brand-new enemy, features in this season. This enemy is very powerful than the hunters. Hunter×Hunter season 5 includes lots of actions and adventures scenes. One should go to Netflix and watch all the seasons of this series. This is an amazing series that takes one to another world.

Where to Stream

One can watch Hunter×Hunter season 5 easily on Netflix. HBO Max is another option to watch this season, but they didn’t organize the series in a good manner. They didn’t divide the series into seasons. If one wants to see the series from arc to arc or, more accurately, from season to season, then it is not possible. It is not available in that format one use to watch.

The Hunter×Hunter series’ animated version and the manga are said to be the elongated hiatus. So, we can say that it may return something in the future.


This anime is one of those top-rated animes in the world. It brings everything starting from actions, lifetime adventures, life characters, dialogues that are hard to forget, the comedy that is stomach aching, and also few heart-breaking moments. It is worth every single second while watching this series. Hunter×Hunter season 5 is a complete thing in every aspect.