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Jeff Tiedrich

This world is full of incidents and society is divided between good and evil. Moreover, people are more or less selfish. Similarly, they would like to keep things to themselves rather than share them with the world. In particular, they may be annoyed by certain things but they do not want to raise their voice against anyone. However, few human beings are born to point out the evil of society and try to erase it. Jeff Tiedrich is one such person who remains top of the list. Here, we would like to point out his life, net worth, professional life, memes, and more.

Jeff Tiedrich’s Biography

NameJeff Tiedrich
Date of birth16th march 1957
Place of BirthRockaway, New Jersey, USA
Age64 years
ProfessionBlogger, Musician, Graphic designer, Political activist
SchoolMorris high school, New Jersey, USA
CollegePerson school of design
ParentsWarren Lloyd Tiedrich, Joan Diamond
SisterEllen Tiedrich
WifeClaudia Long Tiedrich
DaughterKatherine Chandler
Net worth$300K- $500k

Who is Jeff Tiedrich

You may be wondering Who is Jeff Tiedrich? He is known as a blogger, graphic designer, political activist, musician. Apart from that, he is also famous for being a celebrity death haikuist who is famous for his tweets. Specifically, he is also famous for targeting former US President Donald Trump through his tweets. Moreover, he is part of a Patreon.

The early life of Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich was born on 16th March 1957 in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. Notably, he is the son of a former US army officer, Warren Lloyd Tiedrich. In addition, his father also served in the Korean war between 1951 to 1953.

Similarly, his mother Joan Diamond was a homemaker, and his sister Ellen Tiedrich. Jeff had spent his entire childhood in Rockaway, USA. Moreover, he belongs to the orthodox Jewish community. His family also visited his Jewish family temple Beth Am of Parsippany.

Education of Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich had completed his primary education at Morris High School, Rockaway, New Jersey, USA, and completed in 1975. As an army brat, since childhood, he has always been a disciplined and intelligent student. After that, he graduated from Parson School of design in 1978 with a degree in fine arts.

Jeff Tiedrich’s music career

Being an artist, he used to dream about being a world-class musician and he began his career as a musician back in 1973. Eventually, he started his career as a vocalist and lead guitarist in the Alligator band. In addition, he was one of six members of the Alligator band. Uniquely, throughout Jeff Tiedrich’s music career, he had shown love and passion for music.

Moreover, he had created a Youtube channel and other social media in January 2011 named after him. Furthermore, he also regularly posted videos about that. As of now, he has posted six videos since May 13, 2013. In addition, those videos showcased true talent as the videos reached millions of subscribers. As a graphic designer, he loves to make unique designs and his clients love his creativity.

Jeff Tiedrich’s twitter and his political career

Although Jeff Tiedrich is a graphic designer, he is quite active politically. Moreover, he had a Twitter account since 2008 and he made it official in 2018. In the meantime, he is using his account to comment on the current political situation in America. At the same time, he had used his account to target President Donald Trump.

 In addition, he came into the limelight as he pointed out the recent failure of the Trump administration. Due to his comment, he not only has huge followers but also has some haters too. Likewise, he also has a huge fan base of 725.2K followers and has 24.6 K tweets.

Jeff Tiedrich who is he – Jeff Tiedrich’s family life

Many people are interested to know about Jeff Tiedrich and who is he. He is married to Claudia Long Tiedrich who is almost eight years old. Notably, his wife is also a copywriter, strategist, and creative director. Moreover, the couple had a daughter named Katherine Chandler who was born in November 1991.

By profession, his daughter is aerospace engineering and the founder of a webcomic video game named “Awkward Zombie”. As of now, Jeff Tiedrich’s family lives in Hastings on Hudson.

Jeff Tiedrich Wikipedia- his other activity

Jeff Tiedrich Wikipedia says he is also a fearless blogger and writes blogs for various websites. Recently, he is actively working with far, this website is dedicated to showcasing the negative side of Donald Trump. Moreover, he has support from millions of fans including some political leaders and no action was taken against him.

Jeff Tiedrich’s net worth

As per some news sources, Jeff Tiedrich’s net worth is almost between $300K- $500K. However, some other facts believe that his net worth could touch approximately 4 million US dollars. Moreover, according to the media, his main source of income comes from graphic designing and music. Apart from that, he can also earn money from his social media.

Jeff Tiedrich and Eric Clapton

Recently, a tweet from Jeff Tiedrich is creating a storm on social media. From his Twitter account, he had posted a tweet about Eric Clapton. Moreover, this tweet got likes and was shared many times.

Some lesser-known fact about Jeff Tiedrich

  • Jeff Tiedrich has two Instagram accounts.
  • He also posts images and personal photos in one Instagram account
  • In the second account, mostly he uploads photos of his tweets.
  • He has a huge passion for photography and he posts the latest black and white photos about the building.
  • People assume he gets paid for negative tweets.
  • However, he does not get paid for his negative comments about Donald Trump.


If you want to see the power of the common man and the ability to handle political comments, you should look at who is Jeff Tiedrich from Wikipedia. Moreover, he is a multi-talented American blogger known for his negative tweets about Donald Trump.

As he thinks whatever he is doing is the right thing to do, he continues to write fearless blogs and tweets about the present political situation. Finally, we all should follow the path of Jeff where you should not have any fear in opposing the bad thing happening around us.

FAQs about the Jeff Tiedrich  

1. Who is Jeff Tiedrich?

Jeff Tiedrich is a political commentator, blogger, musician.

2. Where was Jeff Tiedrich born?

He was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

3. What is the name of his parents?

 His parents are Warren Lloyd Tiedrich, Joan Diamond

4. How much is his net worth?

He has a net worth of $300k- $400K.

5. How tall is he?

He is almost 5’ 10”.

6. Where does he live?

He lives in Hastings on Hudson.

7. How old is Jeff Tiedrich?

He is 64 years old.

8. When was he born?

He was born on 16th March 1957

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