Let’s Explore Everything About Diwali, the Festival Of Lights

Diwali, Festival Of Lights

Indian people celebrate many festivals to acknowledge their heritage, culture, and traditions. This helps in connecting them to their roots, especially the young generation, who must have knowledge about its culture. The most significant festival which is celebrated by all Indian people is Diwali or Deepavali, also known as the festival of lights. It is a religious festival as people of the Hindu religion celebrate this for the victory of Lord Rama over demons and king of demons, Ravana. Rama returned home after fourteen years of exile, which is also why they celebrate Diwali. Sikh people celebrate Diwali due to reason that guru Hargobind the sixth guru of the Sikh religion, released the fifty-two kings from qila Gwalior. 

People celebrate this occasion with great zeal and enthusiasm. They share their happiness in the form of gifts and feel joyful after receiving these. They even send Diwali gifts to their friends and relatives who live in foreign countries or far from them. Although many kinds of presents are exchanged among people, yet following are the list of things which they can give owing to the change in tastes and preferences with a changing environment. 

Earthen Lamps

It is the custom of enlightening earthen or clay lamps because natives of Ayodhya did this when Rama came after so long. Different designs and a variety of earthen lamps are sold in the market when it is the time of Diwali. This would be a traditional gift and would remind them of the origin of Diwali. 


These days, people have become more concerned about the environment and its pollution, so they have reduced fireworks as they used to burn firecrackers before. Now, this new term of Green Diwali has originated, and they are giving more importance to Green Diwali. Presents of plants, if given, can bring the initiative of Green Diwali. 

Sculptures of gods 

On this auspicious day, people worship goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha as they believe that this can bring wealth to their house. Therefore, people usually give and receive their sculptures in the form of gifts on Diwali. These are available in many designs and colors so they can select as per the choice of the person whom they will give the gift. 

Decorative items 

Long before Diwali, people start to clean their houses and get their houses whitewashed or painted. These Diwali decorations appeal to others because they decorate houses in distinct ways. Glass jar lanterns, colorful candles, decorative lights, colorful flowers etc, are perfect gifts for the festival of lights. 

Dry Fruits 

Dry fruits and fruits could be given to those who are more conscious about their health. Nowadays, people have become diet conscious, and they want to make their immunity strong owing to the spread of diseases like coronavirus. Fruits are delicious as well as beneficial for health. 


Chocolate is a healthy sweet snack to satisfy a sweet tooth, particularly dark chocolate. It is not so heavy like other sweets and available in different varieties like the one with dry fruits & Buy Diwali Chocolates Online. Hence, chocolate can be a perfect gift for a person who loves eating sweets. 


Indian people mostly like to wear gold and buy it mostly because they want to save their wealth for the future in the form of gold. That is the reason many Indian families have a lot of gold jewellery, and these people feel elated when they receive a gift. 

Dress and Costumes 

Women love to dress up on occasions as they like to get attention and feel happy after receiving compliments when they wear their best dress. Thus, they get the chance to dress their best on this occasion. Traditional costumes and dresses are more likely to be received by people at traditional festivals as gifts, and they feel delighted.

Diwali is celebrated by many, and this festival of lights helps in bringing friends and family together. Man is, by nature, a social animal and can not live alone. So he likes spending time with others and getting a chance to spend time with his beloved ones. This strengthens the bond between families.