Most Common New Year Resolutions That Everyone Can Take

New Year Resolutions

The hangover of Christmas is not getting down and New Year arrives. You know The last week of December is made for fun, party, and celebration. So here we are talking about New Year, not Christmas. When we talk about New Year, one thing definitely comes to everyone’s mind, and that is New Year’s resolution. This is one of the weirdest and breakable oaths that most of us take every year. In today’s blog, I will tell you about the most common New Year resolutions that most of us do every year. And you know what the funniest part about this New Year resolutions, nothing new in it except “New Year”. Some of us take the same resolution every year and break it the next day of the New Year. That’s why I said nothing new in it except the word New Year. I just don’t understand why people do this. You know what, I am also one of the people. But I did only once, after that, I understand this is not my type of thing. 

Fat people, I will eat healthily and in limited quantity

You know this is one of the most common resolutions. You know, I am telling you my story. I am not fat, but I have a sweet tooth. So last year I made a resolution that I will eat cake once a week. And I ordered the online cake delivery the same night. Just like me, most of the people take a resolution to not eat unhealthily. This is one of the most common resolutions that every overweight person can take, and most of the people do this.

I will study properly

The other and most common New Year resolution related to the study of students. As we all know, Mid Feb to Mid April is the month of exams. So the maximum number of students New Year resolution is, they will study properly and full of concentration. This is again a most common New Year resolution. And I can say, not every student but yes some of the students do this very well. Some of the students complete this New Year resolution. But again, only some students. 

I will keep my room clean and beautiful

This is one of those common things for every mom scolding her child. In fact, at least once in life all of us get scolded by our moms for this. So this is one of the most common resolutions. But again sadly to say. This resolution exists maximum for one month. Most of you order online home decor things, flower bouquets, etc. But except for 5% of people, all of us are unsuccessful in completing this New Year’s resolution.  

Early wake up

It is said that none of the alarm clocks in this world are better than mom. And this is completely true. Most of us wake up in the morning on time because of mom. So those who are a late morning person, for them this is the perfect resolution. And most of the late morning people take this resolution on New Year. So, this New Year doesn’t forget to surprise your evergreen and best alarm clock (mom) with a red rose bouquet. She deserves much more than it, but at least do this for her. 

Be at home on time

This is again simple-looking but toughest to complete resolution. But still, this resolution almost, almost everyone takes every year. So this is also the most common New Year’s resolution. But sad to say, none of us complete this resolution. Because coming home is quite tough. But yes, you can try to come home on time. 

No to smoking and drinking

This is again a New Year resolution that those people take who do these things. And so many complete this New Year resolution very well. But again only 5% of people. But I think this resolution everyone should take and complete it very well. Because smoking and drinking not only destroy your health and life but also your family life too. So please, stay away from these things. 

So here is the end of the most common New Year resolutions that most of you had already taken. But if you are confused then you can take from this according to your requirement.