Safest Neighborhoods in Ottawa


The safest you should feel is when you’re at home.  Unfortunately, because of the nature of cities, many areas either don’t feel safe or don’t give people the chance to further themselves in life.  People who want to start families or move forward in their careers know that it’s essential to get out of these areas, but it can be hard when you don’t know where to move!

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa has some of the top schools in the country and some of the best neighborhoods.  Here’s a rundown of ones you should keep an eye out for!

Goulburn-Rural Ottawa South Ward

In the rural south end of Ottawa is this sleepy and quiet neighborhood.  Most of Goulbourn-Rural Ottawa South Ward has a low crime rate, and the entire area is close to some of the best schools in the city.  This neighborhood is the perfect place to start a family.

Gloucester-South Nepean

Also known as Ward 22, Gloucester-South Nepean has been marked as one of the most walkable neighborhoods in all of Ottawa.  Easy access to public transit, well-maintained sidewalks and roads, and a friendly attitude from the residents of this area make it a must-move-to spot.


Sitting just 17km south of downtown Ottawa, Barrhaven is a small suburban area that’s been coming up the ranks lately.  With its population growth, and more construction starting, you would think that issues might arise, but those who live there say it’s the first neighborhood to get grabbed when people look at Ottawa homes for sale.


Famous for the Saunders farm and within walking distance of the locally loved Jo-Jo’s Pizzeria, this neighborhood feels entirely divorced from the city.  Not only is the sound pollution at a low because of green areas of trees and grass, but it also prides itself on how well hit streets stay, so people feel safe.

Cumberland Ward

This used to be the historic county of North West England, and because of this has a lot of information on the history of Canada.  You can find historical placards, statues, and other informative items throughout the neighborhood.  This is a great neighborhood for kids because of the comprehensive and safe street layout!

Kanata South Ward

One of the newer neighborhoods on this list was created on Ottawa’s west end in the mid-2000s.  Although most of the homes are new construction, the neighborhood feels safe and lived in.  The neighbors here are generally friendly, and there are low crime statistics.


Nestled in against the Ottawa River, this French-speaking neighborhood was born in the 1970s and has constantly continued to grow.  Although almost all of the people in this neighborhood are fluent in French, most of them are at least partially fluent in English.  If you want your child to learn a second language more quickly, this is the way to do it!

No two neighborhoods in Ottawa are the same; there are endless exciting things to do and plenty to enjoy without feeling in danger or like you have to live defensively.