Selling on Instagram Tips & Tricks 2022

Selling on Instagram

All the details about selling on Instagram, which is one of the most curious topics of all social media users and those who want to trade on social media, are in this article! One of the most popular sharing sites in the world, Instagram continues to reach more and more people every day. Consumers are continuously buying Instagram followers and getting stronger and stronger every day. As a result of research, it is seen that at least 300 million people spend time on Instagram every day. This is quite enough to prove the strength of the platform.

Instagram, which has many users throughout Turkey, is also a powerful environment for brands or entrepreneurs to sell. So what are the tricks of selling easy on Instagram? What kind of account management should be done to increase sales? We tried to explain the answers to all these questions for you.

Selling on Instagram         

Selling on Instagram is an extremely easy process. Moreover, it allows you to reach a large number of people quickly and directly. However, there are points that you need to pay attention to in order to sell easily and effectively.

If you want to sell your products on Instagram, you must first change your account to a business or open an account that way. After making product entries, you can start selling. However, before selling, you need to promote your account and reach a certain number of followers. So you can easily sell your products and receive a large number of orders every day. Besides, there are some tips to increase sales and make your account stand out on Instagram. You can read the rest of our article to take a look at these tips.

  • Considerations for Selling on Instagram
  • Decide on the product you are going to sell.
  • Share beautiful and eye-catching images.
  • Set your profile photo as your brand logo.
  • Create a corporate account.
  • In your profile, make sure that your business information is clear and understandable.
  • Advertise your business on social media platforms.
  • The legislation required for selling Instagram.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • Pay attention to product entries.
  • Choose your hashtags carefully.
  • Share your products in your stories.
  • Make referrals to your E-Commerce Site.
  • Browse and analyze other Instagram sales pages.
  • Decide on the Product You Will Sell

You have to be very careful when determining the product you will sell on Instagram. Because by making a good analysis, you can sell what people are prone to buy and sell the product you love and have detailed information about.

Care about Image Quality

Care about product photos and use quality images for professionalism. Upload product photos were taken in the right light and exposure to your account. Bad-looking images will not attract followers and will prevent them from turning to your products. At the same time, make explanations in detailed and plain language. You can also improve your shares by reading the topic of how to create Instagram-quality content on our blog.

Create a Corporate Account

To create an effective sales policy on Instagram, your account must have a professional appearance. You should have sufficient followers to run on the success track. But how do you get the required nature of followers? Click here. There’s a solution to 10 growth problems. Therefore, you should open a business account. You can follow these steps to open a business account or change your existing account:

  • First, open an Instagram account or log in to your existing account.
  • Go to Settings and open the account tab.
  • Press the Switch to Professional Account button on this tab.
  • Enter and complete the requested information about your business.

After creating this account, make sure that the language you use and the shares you will make are done in a corporate style. So you can increase reliability and make your customers happy.


Of course, advertising will be the most effective way to increase sales. It will be easier for users in your target audience to discover you and buy your products. You can run low-budget ads for a visible profile and featured content. You can run your advertising work on Facebook Business or Instagram.

Online Selling Legislation

If you want to get a tax plate to sell online, it is very important to contact an accountant first. After choosing your accountant, you can make a request to the accountant you started working with for your company establishment, determine your fields of activity and then establish your company.

Identify Your Target Audience

First of all, you need to analyze the audience you will sell on Instagram. After determining your target audience, you can create an accurate route. You can examine the followers of different stores that sell products similar to the product you want to sell. Thus, you can identify the people who want to buy your products and respond to their requests.

Pay Attention to Product Entries

Be careful and careful when entering the products you are going to sell. Upload clear and understandable photos of the products and enter their information completely, in short, be descriptive. At the same time, be sure to pay attention to the compatibility of the product and the description. Incorrect or incomplete product information will undermine the credibility of your brand. This will inevitably cause you to lose your customers.

Pay Attention to the Correct Use of Hashtags

With the right hashtag usage, you can provide traffic to your account. In addition, thanks to hashtags, your account becomes a more prominent profile. Use hashtags to increase the number of followers and ensure that even those who do not follow you see your products. In addition, the correct use of hashtags is also a point you should pay attention to. Remember that you need to add hashtags that are compatible with your products and the overall functioning of your account.

Share Products in Stories

Sharing the products you will sell only as a post will reduce your visibility. You can also share linked content in stories instead. Stories enable your brand to communicate more powerfully with customers. Use the activity of your stories to present your special offers and share your latest products.