Social Conditioning Effects and How to Fight with it

Social Conditioning

Undoubtedly, we all are affected by social conditioning in several shapes or forms. Every person has self-defined boundaries, and they have to adopt them. We have grown up around such beliefs and cultures. Even we all are trained to think and act in a certain way approved by society. It all starts with our birth, and so many resources impact it, including our parents, teachers, society, religion, social media, and mainstream media. Let’s know the effects of social conditioning and how to overcome it.

Short Definition of Social Conditioning

Social conditioning refers to a certain way that trains us to think, act and respond by using positive or negative reinforcements approved by society, in general, and peer groups within society. It works by rewarding for the acceptable and approved actions and punishing for the unacceptable and prohibited actions.

Harmful Effects of Social Conditioning

There are billions of people who have adopted the rules of society, either it is right or wrong. Even a particular person thinks that such rules are dangerous enough, but it’s their compulsion to follow them. The rules affect every thought, act, behavior, and action, including necessary or unnecessary expenses, good or bad diet, right or wrong thoughts, actions, responding way, beliefs, emotions, and many more, as the list is pretty long. It leads to unscientific ideas, toxic emotions, unhealthy ideas, and ineffective behaviors because it lacks any logical motive or substantial evidence. Maybe you didn’t believe us, have a look at the numbers given below.

Divorce or Separation

According to a survey, over 50% of marriages in the US end with divorce or separation because of the differences in thoughts, beliefs, behavior, region, and other essential factors. However, the number is tough to accept, but our society is ready for divorce and separation instead of changing their beliefs and behavior to save a relationship.


Nearly 10 percent of Americans have diabetes, and 7.1 percent of the population is affected by significant mental disorders. However, people know the reason for bad health conditions and their eating behavior and diets, but still, they don’t want to change it until the doctor declares the critical condition.

Why Can’t we overcome social conditioning?

There are several reasons why these rules still affect the entire world, and there is no hope of change. The major one is, only a few people have the guts to fight against these rules, but society suppresses the voice of those countable people.


According to a study, 79% of Americans work for 40 hours a week, sleep for nearly fifty-six hours, and spend rest time on their meals, family responsibilities, maintaining a home, childcare, and other essential actions. It means they didn’t have enough time for their personal growth or pursuing social deconditioning.


Social conditioning rules are working as a barrier, and it needs significant energy to break out. But after working eight hours in the office, no one has enough juice to break out these barriers. However, they have weekend days, but they like to use energy for doing enjoyable activities instead of self-growth and pursuing deconditioning.


The most important one is the focus, as suppose someone manages for spare time and energy for some changes, but they must feel the lack of focus and motive. They can’t focus on one particular thing, as countless rules are affecting us since our birth.  We can’t focus on the ideas to accomplish this task.

How to overcome it?

Change Yourself First

Do not ever think that you are more significant than society and its rules, because if you have ever thought in this way, it may cost you a lot. But one thing that is still in your hand is to change your beliefs, behaviors, activities, and actions to save your relations, maintain good health, and, most importantly, for your inner happiness. You will feel like you aren’t a part of this negativity anymore.

Keep Questioning Yourself

As mentioned earlier many times that there isn’t a single impact of social conditioning; there are countless. Therefore, whenever you meet with a particular one, start questioning yourself whether your behavior, action, or response is logical or not. Have you also followed the negative and illogical beliefs of society? Only then can you adopt the correct manners.

Different Resources

Mainstream media is one of the significant resources behind the positive or negative beliefs of our society. However, those beliefs vary according to thoughts, religion and community, and directions of authority. Therefore, it is crucial to look for several resources when you find any irrelevant narrative from the media. Maybe other resources spread the correct information or something different from others.

Why does it need to fight against social conditioning?

Social conditioning directly affects our personal growth, health, and relations badly. Nonetheless, society will never come to us and share our pain; we have to bear it. We can’t change society’s rules, but we can change ourselves.