Top 10 backless blouse designs that made its way in 2020

The year prior, was the year for experimentation and trials. Not only for the COVID-19 vaccine as a whole. But also for the fashion statement, which stayed mostly work from home. The following blouse designs happened to be rocking it. 

Backless blouse designs with Mirror Work

To be honest, mirrors are something that are used to be a prevalent material in the western part of India. Especially as a decorative in Rajasthan and Gujrat. These blouse designs are covered with these intricate materials and have a broad or long back. 

Backless with String joining

Most of the backless designs you see in fashion shows, or parades do have the string pattern. Where the front is either padded or designed according to the wearer’s preference and the back is joined together with the help of one or two strings. But it has to be strings and no hooks. 

Backless blouse designs with hooks

Like the above one, this is also a joining segment for the blouse designs. Instead of strings as the main joining, the wearer chooses to have one or two hooks in the back. And, sometimes at the front too. Not necessarily just hooks, as the backless designs are already quite wide. So, it needs top support too; which is either made out of strings or sometimes tassels. 

Backless V-shaped blouse designs

This particular design is exorbitant in the way it flows through the declotouche. The shape of this is cut like a large “V” on the backside. Usually it has a side chaining system, which makes it a really good choice for western Saree looks. 

Blouse designs with Back-tassels

The most favourable option for people, who want their blouses to look “Sassy”, at the same time classy. The best part about this is, the tassels only accentuates the look of the backless blouse designs. 

Backless Blouse design aon block print

Not the best option, for backless base but a preferable option for people who want a reality elegant blouse design. The cut here, is usually a bit higher than the usual ones, which makes it a really sober yet subtle preference. 

Heart shaped backless cut

The reason why people chose this blouse design is quite simple. The back is similar to that of a betel leaf, or a “Spade” in a card game. Women prefer this as one of the most elegant options, as it highlights the spinal curve of the body. 

Square Shaped Backless Cut

Being very honest about this particular blouse design, it is very common, mundane but quite trendy. This back design is preferred by almost all ladies. A very plain and basic cut, but made into a backless design, but making it go really deeper than usual. 

Backless Blouse designs round cut

Round cuts are one of the most prefered blouse designs for people who want their blouse to be subtle yet extremely trendy. It is fashionable in every possible way. This is typically tailored really deep, with either a string or a tassel in the upper portion. Which acts more like a support for the entire blouse design. 

Blouse design s with back-bow

The back of this particular blouse design is made really simple and basic. The aim in making this is to highlight the back in a flaunting pattern. The design not only accentuates the beauty of this blouse, but is the real support, like  a hook, or string. The “bow” is very versatile for people coming from different style preferences or backgrounds. 

The best part of wearing a backless design is just comfort. For people who are comfortable in wearing something exposing, then it is one the most preferable option for a traditional or ethnic look.