Top 6 travel luggage brands in 2022

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travel luggage brands

We all love holidays and spend our time in calm and serene places, and holidays are therapy for us after spending our days at beautiful places. We feel much better than before. But holidays are best if you have the best travel luggage, our luggage should look cool, yet it should carry all the stuff that we will need in our holidays.

People have different interests and needs. That’s why many luggage brands come down to styling based on what you like or dislike, and some brands focus on build quality, durability, and aesthetics. Other elements also come in the way, like material, stuff, technology, and space.

There are many luggage brands in the market, and you never know which one is best and selling quality luggage, don’t worry. We understand that some baggage can cost you a thousand dollars, and not everyone can afford it. This is why the list below includes brands that have an affordable range. We are here to tell you about the top 6 luggage brands globally.

Few travel luggage brands for travel freaks:

1. Delsey

This brand was established in France in 1946, and this brand has excellent international popularity and reputation. They have been making luggage for 50 years now when someone talks about Delsey, and they always talk about their hard case luggage because they specialize in hard case luggage. They are making complex cases, though their soft case is very famous too. Delsey always focuses on quality and innovation, so it is worth buying their products. Finally, it is efficient to tell you all that they have high rating reviews online, people love their travel luggage, which is why they easily merit a place in the top 10 luggage brands globally.

2. Travel pro

Travel pro is a very famous luggage brand, and it’s not wrong if we name travel pro as the primary innovator of wheeled luggage. This brand Travel pro gained that name for its high-quality products. Their luggage changes the world of wheeled luggage and has made our holidays stress-free. Their prices are not low but not too much or unjustified; Airlines employees and frequent fliers love to prefer travel pro luggage. If you have been buying travel pro’s luggage hope, you will know that travel pro believes in flexibility, and they continuously change and update their products.

3. Samsonite

For many good reasons, a highly famous brand worldwide, they have been in the luggage section for 100 years! They have the most extensive following in the market and business. They make clean and casual designs and have high-end luggage at premium prices. Overall it’s an excellent luggage brand and sells a very high-quality product.

4. Rockland

The quality and durability of Rockland are pretty challenging. This brand is famous for its varied luggage collection, which has very pocket-friendly rates. Their designs are unique, colorful, and affordable, which is the specialty of this brand. Rates are fixed to meet the lower spectrum of the luggage market. Overall this brand is not preferred by frequent travelers but those who have holidays once in a while.

5. Tumi

The word tumi means a commercial knife or Peru, used for sacrifice. This brand belonged to Plainfield, New Jersey, and was created by Charlie Clifford in 1975. This brand is famous for their jet black luggage; stuff is used in their traditional black travel luggage is black ballistic nylon. The brand is not creating just travel luggage but also pens, belts, and electronic equipment stops. Thousands of travelers from all over the world consider tumi a luxurious brand.

6. Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin was a French designer, and this brand is running with his name. It’s a well now the luxurious brand of Paris, which excels in selling men’s and women’s scents and bags, they are making travel luggage, but as a brand they are famous for their cents, making luggage is not a significant part of Pierre Cardin as a whole brand. Prices are not high for this brand, and their luggage is unique. They make suitcases, duffels, backpacks, and laptop bags.

Final verdict

All the brands above are the best luggage brands globally, no matter when but when you go on holiday, you will need stylish luggage. Choosing a piece of luggage from all the super coll designs is really a headache, so make a list and write down all your requirements according to trip plan and then buy a luggage set that fulfills all your needs. Your luggage is always your travel partner a. Good luggage makes your holidays smooth and convenient.