Transporting a cat without a cat carrier

cat carrier

Your cute cat might hate the cat carrier while going outside the home. It makes the owners put them in a box, which is absolutely a bad idea. Traveling with your pet cat can give challenges to you. According to the International Cat Health Organization, it is required to take your cat to the veterinary or for a trip. This makes them habitual of traveling through a car or other mode of the vehicle. Using a cat carrier irritates them and leads to fighting with their owner. 

So, are there any substitutes for cat carriers? 

The answer is yes. There are many substitutes present in the market to transport your cat without any hassle. 

Basket or cat bed

Cats can find a basket or cat bed quite comfortably, and also they are familiar with the smell coming from them. Moreover, they also don’t have any kind of restraints, which means they can’t hop from one place to another. This option is considered to be best, especially for the older cats. 

A cat harness

Harness and leash are other options of cat carriers. They keep the cats’ cozy enough, making them wriggle around without causing any kind of discomfort. The owners should ensure that the harness should be light on weight and durable.

Nylon is a material that is suitable for cats that generally spend lots of time under the sun and rain. The harnesses are usually available in three common styles named H-harness, V-harness, and figure-eight. 

Using a sports bag

The owners are very much anxious about the security of their cats. The reason is to avoid risk while traveling with their cat. Despite taking cats on hand and making them nervous, it is better to use a sports bag. The bag is made of unique material meant for carrying the clothes. It is an ideal way of transporting your cat safely. 

Pillowcase cat carrier

In the list, the pillowcase cat carrier is the simplest one. As compared to the traditional carrier, this one is much easier as you just have to put the cat into it and tie the end. Moreover, the owner should buy the pillowcase, which is in good shape and doesn’t have any kind of holes. 

Cardboard box

The cardboard box is one of the trusted unconventional methods of carrying the cats. The best thing about it is that it can be manipulated as wanted to give them comfort. Any box which is bigger than your cat can work wonder for them. For ventilation purposes, create some holes or cuts. 

A plastic tote

The closest alternative is using a plastic tote that we all have in our home. So, you can easily convert them into the safest option of carrying your cats. Poke the holes in the bag or make small windows so that the cats can breathe adequately. Put a blanket or towel as a soft lining for them. If not done, this may stress out the cats.

Use two laundry baskets together

Laundry baskets come with a solid base preventing the cats from falling through the bottom. Even the openings are not large enough for cats to escape properly. So, use zip ties, ropes, or bungee cords to connect two laundry baskets together. 


The next option in a line was using cat-in-the-bag and established to be a great substitute for a cat carrier. The cats easily swaddle inside it and feel secure at the time you are taking them anywhere. The advantage of cat-in-the-bag over pillowcase is cats can bring their head out. It comes with an adjustable neck hole allowing the cat to move their head properly. 

A backpack

So, if you don’t want to use a cat carrier, a backpack is a fantastic alternative for carrying the cats. A backpack is an excellent upgrade to the traditional carrier. Find it in a sleek design, simple to carry, and cool look. Hence, it certainly becomes a choice of many cat owners. The cats who like to snuggle with their owners; this offered backpack is a great idea. 

However, we hope that most of you must have found some of the alternatives of cat carriers that are much reliable and safe. Note that the possibilities are enormous as long as you are searching for some decent ways. In some cases, a cat can easily travel to different places without using a carrier. Buy any one of them and travel to different places with your cat without taking any tension. If you are worried about security, leave it behind because all of them are safe options.