Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler

Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler

Looking to read a romantic and exciting novel? One of the most romantic novels in the current period is vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler. It is a tale of twists and turns that keep readers on their toes at all times. It is what made it so popular and why more people are opting to read it every day.

Good romantic novels are always hard to come by and thus, being a new novel that excites people through romanticism is why people are reading it. Hence, to understand why people read it, one should know a few aspects of this book, which are stated below in detail.

The exciting and romantic storyline

This story revolves around a girl that gains magical powers. Her special ability is healing people using such magic. Though it is a blessing as she can help a lot of people, there are times when she gets in trouble for said power.

A massive twist sways the audience towards the end when the protagonist starts changing. Her helpful and positive character starts becoming negative in vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler. However, she becomes aware of it that she has changed to punish selfish people she comes across. She realized that she change into a negative person to punish such selfish people but her kindness and helpful self were lost. Hence, she tries changing it back to her old self.

Such a twist and turn of events shows how exciting this novel is and why people read it. However, the main portion of the story isn’t mentioned here because there is no point in giving people spoilers who haven’t read it yet.

However, people can go through the protagonist’s magical power and certain other details that would make an individual want to read this novel even more.

Protagonist description

In this story, the protagonist MC Lua is shown to have tremendous healing power that she uses for good deeds. Upon learning that she is special and has such powers, she started acquiring knowledge about it. With time, she learned to use her power, while keeping it a secret from others like her mother instructed it. Her mother knew that it might lead to problems and thus, instructed that under no circumstances she should disclose her powers to others. MC Lua took her mother’s advice quite seriously and forego revealing or talking about her power to anyone.

People want to be extraordinary and this girl was such a case in the novel vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler. However, she didn’t have any negative attitude or ego in her. Her mindset was that she is an ordinary girl that God blessed with such power to help others in need.

She just wanted to make everyone well and happy in their life. Throughout the story, she used her power in a positive and mesmerizing way. However, what she didn’t realize is that when she heals people using her power, she inherits their unhappiness and pain. This helps in understanding why she might have gone dark and changed negatively in the later part of the story. Nevertheless, her power and ability along with their portrayal show why she is a gift to humanity.

Two power types in this novel

The protagonist has been shown to have two power types in vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler. Hence, have a look at both of her power in this story.

Positive first power

The first power that this girl has is a positive one. It helps the girl to heal people and relieve them from their pain. It is a way through which she can heal everyone’s issues. However, the real problem was that healing an individual would lead the girl to inherit that healed person’s symptoms and issues.

It means that whenever she healed a person, she would suffer from injuries and pain that person suffered from. Even though it made her suffer, she continued to heal people. This showed her willingness to go above and beyond to help others in the world.

Negative second power

It is quite clear now that MC Lua was never a bad person. Whenever she healed an individual, the suffering was inherited by her. However, she can deliver these symptoms of pain and suffering to others. She didn’t use this power on anyone as she was an unselfish girl. She never wanted to create problems for people at any time because of her helpful and sweet nature. Thus, she always kept this power to herself.


The vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler is a remarkable novel that showcases various aspects of human life and situations that can turn good people into bad and vice-versa. The heroine of this story goes through severe situations that she endures becoming her strongest self and more. To know what happens and how the story ends, you need to get this novel and start reading it.