What Makes Gaudium a top IVF centers in Delhi

top IVF center in Delhi

Delhi has come up as a major center of IVF & infertility treatment in India, and amongst the many options available here, Gaudium is regarded as one of the top IVF centers in Delhi. A substantial number of patients have chosen Gaudium for fertility treatment and procedures like IVF, and have benefitted from its high-quality services and excellent clinical practice. 

There are many reasons that make Gaudium a trusted brand with couples who have fertility issues. In this blog, we will go into the details of what it has to offer to its patients:

Excellent Leadership in top IVF centers in Delhi

Gaudium was founded by Dr. Manika Khanna with a vision to bring international standard IVF & Infertility treatment to India. In her career as a top infertility specialist, Dr. Manika has made a meaningful difference across the world by handling multiple failed IVF cases successfully. She has been awarded the Highest Prestigious award ‘Delhi Ratna’ by the President of India and has also received an Honorary Professorship award from Oxford Academy, UK.

Fully equipped facilities 

Another reason that makes Gaudium one of the Best IVF centers in Delhi are its fully equipped facilities which use top of the line technology to help patients with their infertility issues. It follows European standard guidelines in terms of technology & protocol. 

High Success rate

Many of the IVF patients who visit Gaudium are previously failed cases from other centers, and they choose Gaudium because of its high success rate. 

Behind the high success rate is excellent leadership, Competent IVF & fertility specialists, and advanced technology used at Gaudium. For excellence in IVF treatment, it has also been awarded Best IVF Chain of India 2019 by Frost & Sullivan, US.

Complete Fertility treatment 

Apart from its popular IVF program, Gaudium also offers a complete spectrum of infertility treatment. IUI, ICSI & male infertility treatment are some of the common procedures frequently performed at Gaudium. In addition to this, Gaudium also offers holistic gynaecology treatment and provides consultation and treatment for problems like PCOD & PCOS and related infertility. 

Patient Services 

As much as the clinical excellence that Gaudium offers, it is also known for its excellent patient services. As a top IVF centre in Delhi, it offers patient services like egg freezing, embryo services, donor egg IVF, donor sperm and excellent diagnostic services etc. Enabled with these additional services, Gaudium provides all the essential needs for fertility treatment under one roof. 

Counseling services

Going through IVF and other kinds of infertility treatment can be quite stressful and it can also adversely affect the patient’s response to treatment. To help patients overcome the stress and anxiety of infertility treatment, Gaudium has developed a comprehensive counselling service which has a trained and competent team of counsellors. 

Finance options

Infertility treatment and procedures like IVF can put an additional financial burden on couples who are planning to start a family. To help them, Gaudium has come up with a unique financial program that offers loans specially designed for fertility treatment which can be paid back in easy EMI’s.  

A Trusted IVF Brand 

When you go out looking for a top IVF centre in Delhi, the first thing to check for is the reputation that it holds. Gaudium enjoys a great reputation amongst fertility clinics and has been awarded as the most trusted brand by Power Brand, UK.

These were some of the factors that have helped Gaudium build trust with people and become a top IVF brand in Delhi. In a little over 10 years, Gaudium has made a good name for itself not just in India but also around the world.