World Famous Phenomenon Suggestions for Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Thanks to their collaborations with brands, social media influencers can benefit from privileges such as attending luxurious invitations, free accommodation while traveling the world, and experiencing the latest products. In addition to these, the annual income of social media celebrities who have become influencers known all over the world by becoming a phenomenon exceeds 15 million dollars. Influencer marketing, where brands are turning more and more everyday strategy has become a new source of income for people who actively use social media.


 Of course, there are social media celebrities who have achieved successful works by acquiring the identity of being an expert and influencer in our country, where mostly humor content is shared. However, if you want to be recognized by millions of people, to create a pleasant career path by collaborating with brands, and to be useful by transferring your knowledge to people; You can heed the advice of world-famous social media influencers to become an influencer. ( Before going to the article, see:  Who Are These Influencers Dragging Millions After? )

Where Do I Start To Become an Influencer?

First, do research to find out what an influencer is and what is not. For this, you can take a look at my articles on the CreatorDen blog. Your goal is to be an influencer that benefits its followers and chases after brands instead of being an ordinary social media celebrity. ( See:  How To Become A $ 500 Million Brand With A Single Influencer? Decide what you want to offer people. If you have a talent in the field of humor, you can carry out successful works in this field, and raise awareness by drawing attention to social issues with humor. Food, travel, makeup or fashion, etc. Your job is much easier if you are interested in the fields. You can transfer your information in these areas with the videos and photos you take. Let’s see what world-famous influencers say about where to start?

World Famous Phenomenon Suggestions for Being an Influencer

Food and beverage blogger Gaby Dalkin : “Find your own voice and follow it. No one can tell a story like you tell, whether it’s about cooking or writing. So decide what you want to share and then dive right in! ”

How Should My Posts Be As Influencer?

Influencers are people who attract the attention of the masses by producing remarkable content. Before starting to share, learn which social media network you want to be popular with, the content rules of that platform. Learn about content marketing, especially if you want to collaborate with brands. ( See: What is Content Marketing?  ) It is also important to use high-quality and high-resolution visuals and decorate with attention-grabbing texts while sharing content. ( See:  How to Write the Perfect Post Text on Twitter,  Twitter Story Guide,  Twitter Hashtag Guide ) Unsplash and Pexels for quality images or if you are interested in the art of photography, you can develop yourself in this area and use your own shots. You can also benefit from free applications such as Canva or mobile photo editing applications in your visual sharing.

Fashion blogger  Iga Wysocka : “I’m trying to share what I want to see if I were a follower.”

What Should I Do to Grow My Twitter Followers?

You need to be committed to gain followers on Twitter and give yourself time for organic growth. However, you should be patient by making different and unusual posts and keep your account active by sharing frequently. The best method to grow your account that brands and online businessmen are using Is to buy followers. They simply buy twitter followers Australia and enhance the momentum of their profile in a decent way.  By having more followers, new audience attracts towards brands post and order them. One of the best sites that offering social media services of buying followers or likes is Social captain.

Murad Osmann, owner of the “FollowMeTo” project : “Be patient.”

Travel influencer & photographer Chris Burkard : “Stay active, be authentic and help each other.”

Which Brands Should I Choose for Collaborations?

As you grow your followers on Twitter, brand offers will begin to come one after another. In such a situation, the biggest mistake made by influencers is to accept advertising offers that are not suitable for their personal brand image. And it will not attract the attention of followers. However, in brand collaborations, your priority should be to provide benefits to your followers, rather than materiality.

Healthy lifestyle and sports influencer  Tammy Hembrow: “I only work with brands that I really like so I don’t have to work with a brand just for money.”

Photographer  Chris Burkard : “I love working with clients who match my values.”

Owners of the SORTEDfood channel Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford and Barry Taylor: “Instead of just increasing video views, we are interested in brands that allow us to produce meaningful content and are ready to work on it.”

How Can I Increase Interaction Rates?

Therefore, it is important that influencers who want to collaborate with brands have an active audience and have high interaction rates. If you do not know your interaction rates on Twitter.

Jackelyn Shultz, owner of Life With Jackie channel: “I reply to every comment left on my Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. I try to cooperate with other entertainment and social media influencers as much as possible. “

Fashion and lifestyle influencer  Stefano Tratto: “I always ask my followers for their opinion and interact with them every day. I personally read all your messages myself. “